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Kitsch Ornaments in an Ikea Style

kitsch ikea ornaments

What first comes to mind when you think of Ikea furniture?

Minimal, clean, muted?

While Ikea designs are timeless and incredibly popular, some people might prefer a more eccentric look to their interiors.Those who like their designs and ornaments a bit louder and in your face are in luck! Kitsch interior décor is set to make a huge comeback for 2018.

So here at Vivid Doors, we’ve reimagined what Ikea would be like if they embraced the garish and gaudy world of loud animal print, retro phones, pop art and the pinkest of flamingos!

We’ve turned some of the kitschiest trinkets into Ikea- style inspired items that could actually be sold in stores.
Some might call it tacky, or in poor taste, but it is the year of embracing your playful souvenirs and collectibles and flaunting them around your house!

Who knows, we might even inspire Ikea to keep a few gnomes on hand – or maybe not…

kitsch ikea ornaments

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