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Our Range of Redwood External Doors

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FL&B Gate / Door LPD Doors

FL&B Gate / Door

From £104.00 inc VAT.
£86.67 ex VAT

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Single Glazed Garage Door LPD Doors

Single Glazed Garage Door

From £462.00 inc VAT.
£385.00 ex VAT

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FL&B Garage Door LPD Doors

FL&B Garage Door

From £416.00 inc VAT.
£346.67 ex VAT

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600 Gate LPD Doors

600 Gate

From £69.00 inc VAT.
£57.50 ex VAT

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L&B Gate / Door LPD Doors

L&B Gate / Door

From £80.00 inc VAT.
£66.67 ex VAT

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Redwood 2XG Unglazed External Doors LPD Doors

Redwood 2XG Unglazed External Doors

From £104.00 inc VAT.
£86.67 ex VAT

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More about the Redwood External Doors Collection

What is redwood?

Redwood is a type of timber sourced from Europe. It is sometimes referred to as Scandinavian Redwood, Pinus Sylvestris or even simply as Scots Pine. It makes for a great external door thanks to the strength and durability of the wood and the stunning natural knots that complement a rural backdrop.

Is redwood good for external doors?

European redwood is a great option for any entrance or exit of your home, not just because of how beautiful it is, but also because of the many advantages of opting for this type of timber:

Benefits of redwood doors

Why buy your redwood external doors from Vivid Doors?

We've spent years honing our collections to ensure that there's a variety of options suitable to every taste and style. This collection is perfect for softer exteriors, especially if you want your home to blend in with your picturesque garden and be seen as a place to come and rest after a long day at work. If you're looking for something more modern and sleek, there are tons of other options available here.

There are other reasons to choose us as your door supplier, including:

All redwood doors are supplied unfinished

Whether you're looking for an entry door, back door, or garage door, all of the options in our Redwood external doors range come to your doorstep unfinished.

That means that you can maintain the natural knotty look by simply treating and varnishing your purchase, you can stain it to get a deeper colour or it can be painted whatever colour you like. With this last option though, you will lose the natural knots that make Redwood so popular.

You have full control over how your doors ultimately look in situ.

Choose your glazing

We have frosted glass panels as one option for your purchase, along with doors that have no glass at all but the panels are precut.

That means that you can incorporate your own decorated glass, install double glazing or clear glass, or do anything you want to make your purchase even more unique.

We also stock a redwood garage door without any glazing or glass panels at all, made instead from solid panels for additional privacy.

We only work with top brands

Not only are all of the doors we stock manufactured to a high standard, we only work with top brands to ensure our customers get the best no matter what they are shopping for.

The doors in this range are designed and manufactured by LPD doors, a brand that has been operating for 40 years.

Our guarantees

In addition to promising that only the highest quality doors are available from us, there are additional guarantees that we make to our valued customers including:

If you'd like to know more about any of the redwood exterior doors in our collection, or you're looking for no-obligation help or advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. We'd be happy to help.

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