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Showing 1–12 of 60 results

Whether you’re looking to create an elaborate, grand entrance door with sidelights or an elegant, stylish main entrance, first impressions really do count and a beautiful oak door or hardwood door, or composite door or door set can make all the difference.

Vivid Doors has a huge collection of Exterior front doors, back doors, wooden gates, door sets, and door pairs, including Part L doors, using a variety of materials including hardwood external doors, Oak external doors, and Composite external doors, with many traditional styles or more contemporary designs to choose from. Our external double and triple glazed entrance doors come with beautiful glazing designs, with matching sidelights, individually tailored to suit your home.

A Warm Welcome with a Stunning Front Door

The type of front door that you choose can make a massive difference to the feel and style of your home. Are you looking to create an elaborate entrance door with sidelights, an imposing ‘main entrance’, or a quaint and welcoming cottage entryway? First impressions count, and the right oak or hardwood door will set a specific tone for your home, while a more modern composite door will produce an entirely different and more contemporary feel.

External doors do more than just look great, too. They act as an insulator for both noise and heat, keeping your home warm and blocking out sounds from the street. They also act as a security barrier, which is why it is so important that you choose a robust door that fits your opening exactly so that you can make sure that it locks securely.

A Wide Range to Choose From

At Vivid Doors we have a huge selection of doors to choose from in different styles. With prices starting from £148.50, there is something for every budget. We offer free delivery (over £750) as standard, and keep common sizes in stock so that we can fill your orders quickly.

We have a large selection of Part L compliant doors suitable for new builds (and for renovation projects where thermal performance and energy efficiency is a priority) and we have a huge selection of double and triple glazed doors that are stylish and energy efficient.

Choose from beautiful pre-finished doors that are ready to hang, or unfinished (and unglazed) doors that can be trimmed, prepared, stained and glazed to exactly your specifications. All of our doors have generous oak or hardwood lippings to allow you to trim them down to suit your needs.

Find the Right Size

We stock external doors that are 44mm thick and offered in the most common modern opening sizes. If you need something that is much larger, or smaller, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have door sets including French doors and sidelights, that may suit larger openings and we may be able to suggest machined products for smaller openings as well.

When your door arrives, take a moment to read the “Care and Maintenance of External Doors” instructions, which will include advice about preparing, treating and maintaining the door to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. We have our own quality guarantee, and many of our products come with an additional 10 year manufacturing guarantee. This will be highlighted on the product page if it is available. We choose only the highest quality suppliers, and we are confident that your external door will look beautiful and offer you security and comfort for many years to come if it is cared for properly.

If you are not sure what size of door to buy, or need advice about fire doors or building regulations, call our sales team on 01246 380 283. We would be happy to discuss your options with you and help you to understand how to correctly measure your door opening.