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Our Range of Communal Door Sets

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More about the Communal Door Sets Collection

Communal fire door sets typically include doors that are installed at the entrance to each apartment or office space, as well as doors that are installed in common areas such as stairwells and corridors. These doors are typically made of fire-resistant materials, such as steel or timber, and are designed to remain closed in the event of a fire to prevent the spread of flames and smoke.

In addition to the doors themselves, a communal fire door set may also include other components such as door frames, hinges, locks, and self-closing mechanisms. These components are important for ensuring that the doors operate properly and remain closed in the event of a fire.

It is important for building owners and managers to ensure that their communal fire door sets are properly installed and maintained. This can include regular inspections and testing of the doors to ensure that they are functioning properly, as well as making any necessary repairs or replacements. Proper maintenance of communal fire door sets can help to ensure the safety of residents or occupants in the event of a fire.

Vivid Doors are ready to help you find the perfect communal entrance doorset for your building. We offer both fully finished veneer, base-coat primed, and unfinished hardwood door slabs in FD60 and FD30 sizes. Our extra-sturdy FD60 frames are supplied unfinished and ready for final decoration on site. Pre-milled with intumescent strips, as well as optional smoke seals, our communal entrance doors are designed for blocks of flats, modern office spaces and sheltered industrial environments.

Questions about Communal Door Sets

What are the benefits of communal fire doorsets?

Communal fire door sets are specifically designed to protect buildings, their inhabitants and assets from the spread of fire. They are commonly used in multi-occupancy buildings such as apartment blocks and shared office spaces. There are several benefits to using communal fire doorsets:

  • Enhanced fire safety: Communal fire door sets are manufactured to meet strict fire safety regulations, providing a higher level of fire resistance compared to standard doors. This resistance helps to contain the spread of fire and smoke between different compartments or areas of a building.
  • Compliance with building regulations: Installing door sets ensures that the building meets necessary fire safety regulations, which may be a legal requirement.
  • Time for evacuation: By slowing the spread of fire and smoke, communal fire door sets provide more time for occupants to evacuate safely, reducing the risk of injury or death.
  • Property protection: Limiting fire damage to specific areas of a building can minimize the overall damage to the property, potentially saving costs in repairs and replacements.
  • Insurance benefits: Having communal door sets installed in a building may result in lower insurance premiums due to the reduced risk of fire damage.
  • Noise reduction: Fire doorsets are generally built with robust materials and have seals around the edges, which can help to reduce noise transfer between different areas of the building, offering an added benefit for occupants.
  • Enhanced security: Many doorsets come with additional security features, such as reinforced frames, multipoint locking systems, and anti-tamper devices, providing extra protection against unauthorized access.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Door sets are available in various styles and finishes, allowing them to be integrated seamlessly with the building's design and decor.

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