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PM Mendes Doors Range of Internal and External Wooden Doors

PM Mendes has almost 50 years of experience in timber internal and external doors. During this time, they have built expert knowledge in timber products and maintained a strong ethical tradition. PM Mendes has garnered a reputation for providing high-quality timber doors at affordable prices.

Our Range of PM Mendes Doors

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Internal Doors

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Fire Doors

You’ll find a wide range of internal and external timber doors in the PM Mendes range. PM Mendes doors use engineered oak to ensure you have a door that not only looks great, but will last for years. Engineered oak uses layers of oak which are bound together to create a strong core; they are then wrapped in a layer of solid, natural timber to ensure it looks like a solid wood door.

Engineered oak means that your door has all the aesthetic properties of solid oak doors without any of the downsides like warping and high-maintenance.

Internal Doors

The right internal door will add the perfect finish to your room, whether you have a traditional or modern aesthetic. All of PM Mendes doors are manufactured to an incredibly high standard with a wide variety of styles. Whatever your style of home, there’s a PM Mendes door that will perfectly suit. From traditional panelled doors, to the popular Mexicano style, as well as glazed options so you can let in as much natural light as possible.

The majority of PM Mendes doors are provided unfinished so that you can add a finish that compliments your home. We even have a helpful guide to painting and finishing your own internal door.

External Doors

PM Mendes external oak doors and external hardwood doors will add that extra kerbside appeal to your home with a range of contemporary and traditional designs.

All of PM Mendes doors have solid lippings in either oak or hardwood to compliment the door. Not only that, PM Mendes’ external doors have laminated timber stile sand rails. These give the appearance of a solid door with the additional features of being more stable than solid oak and offering stability against bowing and twisting.

You can find a range of solid external doors and glazing options so there’s a style for every home.

PM Mendes sustainability promise

PM Mendes has gained accreditation from the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. This certification lets you know that all of the timber PM Mendes sources has been sourced from sustainable, legan and traceable sources.

PM Mendes have also taken steps to ensure they comply with the European Timber Regulations which is an extra assurance that all timber based products PM Mendes use throughout their manufacturing process is legally sourced.

In addition, PM Mendes has invested resources in recycling waste and buying green options wherever possible in their business. As door providers, PM Mendes recognises their close ties to forestry and responsibility to making sustainable choices.

Our quality guarantee

We stand by all of the products we provide and want to make sure you feel equally confident in your choice, that’s why we offer up to ten years guarantee on all of our doors. When you buy a door from Vivid Doors, you know you’re buying a door that will last.

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