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The guarantee is to the original purchaser only and proof of the date of purchase is required. The guarantee is conditional upon following and complying with the instructions and recommendations in our installation, care and maintenance instructions. This guarantee covers replacement of faulty parts only and does not cover incidental expenses.

Storage of Product on delivery

Upon receipt of your doors, and after inspecting them, but prior to fitting, doors should be stored flat on the floor (never on edge or on end) on a level surface and be kept clear of the floor on at least three level bearers. The bearers should be longer than the doors. Doors are best left to acclimatise in the room of fitting for 2-3 days prior to hanging. Ideally store in a cool dry atmosphere. 

Do not store in a newly plastered room or suddenly expose to central heating or other forms of direct heat. NEVER store or fit a door in a building until plastering or concrete flooring etc. is finished and fully dried out. This is very important as any moisture penetration from wet plaster, cement, render or flooring can result in the door swelling and will cause problems with veneers, joints, mould or movement of the doors.


Internal Doors & Internal French and Internal Folding Systems

  • Internal door leaves (applies to single leaf doors and multi-leaf systems): 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Hardware (handles, hinges, tracks): 5 year warranty.
  • Internal framing: 5 year warranty.

External Timber Doors

  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • 5 year warranty on glass units.

Patio Doors (aluminium & uPVC)

  • 10 year warranty on door frames & hardware.
  • 5 year warranty on glass units.

Finish Guarantee

All of our clear / tinted lacquered products are supplied with a minimum 2 year guarantee. Many suppliers don't offer finish guarantees like us, but given the durability of the coatings we offer, you can be confident of the high performance of the coatings we use.

Internal Door Finishing Requirements

All Products taken out of their packaging, must be fully decorated straight away, and should not be subjected to moist environments (such as post-plastering, until the plaster is fully dried – which can take up to 7 days without heating/extraction). 

Pre-finished doors however, come already finished and ready to hang. Any trimming of door edges / hinge cut outs will need re-finishing, for which we recommend Osmo PolyX Oil, or Treatex Wax Oil for internal. Do not use Danish Oil under any circumstances on internal engineered oak doors.

Internal Engineered oak timber doors can be decorated with a paint, stain, varnish or wax oil (Osmo PolyX Oil, or Treatex Wax Oil) of your choice. Please refer to your coating supplier for guidance. Again, do not use Danish Oil under any circumstances on internal engineered oak doors.

White primed timber doors can be decorated with a good quality timber paint suited to your property as recommended by your coating supplier. Finishing should take place immediately after hanging. Again, hanging doors shouldn’t be done in a moist environment.

Prefinished External doors

All fully finished Exterior door sets come with finish guarantees. However, they must be well maintained and re-coated as and when necessary before the coating breaks down. Moisture must not be allowed to penetrate the timber during the life of the product. It is very important that the finish on your door set is checked every six months for deterioration, and re-coated if necessary. This will maintain the decorative finish and ensure that no moisture enters the timber of the doors and frames during the life of the product, giving long lasting performance. All our finish guarantees are offered in accordance with EN927/1-7. Any coating breakdown or moisture ingress into the door will invalidate any warranty offered.

Treating Unfinished External Doors

All our unfinished doors / doorsets come with standard guarantees. However, decoration must occur before exposing the product to an external environment. This prevents any airborne moisture being trapped under the coating. We recommend finishing unfinished exterior door sets with a high build microporous wood coating system. This should consist of one coat of base stain and two coats of topcoat, in a wood stain or paint colour of your choice. After delivery, doorsets should be stored in a dry location, with doors and frames stored flat, slightly raised from the ground to ensure adequate air circulation. They MUST be decorated as soon as possible after delivery to stop moisture imbalances. All surfaces and edges of the doors and frames (even the back) must be coated with these three coats to adequately protect the timber and stop moisture getting in (inc. lock cut outs and hinge cut outs). The finish must be regularly maintained, to ensure moisture does not penetrate into the timber during the life of the product. All surfaces must be treated/sealed at the same time to prevent distortion from moisture imbalance. Any coating breakdown or moisture ingress into the door will invalidate any warranty offered.


Important: Unfinished doors and frames must be decorated in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice BS 6150:1991 Painting of Buildings, and BS 8000 Part 12 1989 - BEFORE the door is installed. Failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee. We do not recommend finishing with Danish oil, wax or any finish other than a medium to high build microporous wood finishing system. Products such as Sikkens and Sadolin are proven alternatives to those that we use and these are readily available from most retailers. Please note that the use of steel wool, or allowing steel or iron fragments to come into contact with the untreated oak timber or veneers may cause oxidisation resulting in black stain. Vivid Doors will not take responsibility for any inappropriately decorated products and any faults arising therefrom.

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