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Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide away into a compartment inside your wall. These sliding doors save floor space and create a hidden effect by disappearing inside a wall cavity when fully opened. Choose a double or single door depending on your entry size.

When a traditional hinged door takes up too much room or doesn't suit your aesthetic, a hidden door is a great alternative. They're perfect for small spaces like bathrooms, utility rooms and even walk in wardrobes.

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Our Range of Pocket Doors

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Pocket Door Kits

Your pocket door system operates differently to other doors. The door slides horizontally on top rollers, fitting seamlessly into a pocket in the wall. Cavity sliding doors are an elegant and functional solution and our kits make the process straightforward.

With a variety of sizes to fit most standard door openings, you're sure to find the right fit. Introduce a pocket door to your home if you want to make an impression and create space.

Types of Pocket Door System

We offer both single and double concealed sliding doors so there's an option to suit your room. Both the Eclisse single and double pocket door systems are available with FD30 fire rating too, so you can cover a wide range of installations.

You can choose your 35 or 40mm internal door panel to complete the system. This provides you with a wide array of designs so you can get the right look. From simple panel doors to glazed and industrial style options, there's something to suit your décor.

If you're looking for glass pocket door systems, speak to our helpful team for more information.

Parts and Fittings

Our comprehensive kits cover all the essential fittings you'll need to create a discreet sliding door solution, boasting a sturdy galvanized steel frame that effortlessly clicks together to form a complete pocket.

With included track and runners, your pocket door kit sets the foundation for your project's success. Simply select your preferred door panel separately and follow the installation instructions to complete the ensemble.

Sizing and Installation

Ensuring sufficient capacity and the right finished wall thickness is paramount for constructing both the pocket and the overall frame. Once you've confirmed this area, you can browse our range of frame sizes that align with your available measurements. Our technical specifications will guide you, detailing the door panel sizes each frame can accommodate.

Questions about Pocket Doors

Do pocket doors open fully?

Yes, pocket doors are designed to open fully. These sliding doors can slide into wall cavities, also known as hidden doors, disappearing entirely from view to create a seamless and fully open area in a building. This allows for maximized use of the aperture.

Are pocket doors a good idea?

Concealed sliding doors are indeed a clever choice for UK homes where space is at a premium. They excel in compact areas like en-suites or small kitchens by conserving floor and wall space, allowing for additional furniture placement and maximizing room functionality. Ideal for modern and efficient British living spaces.

How practical are pocket doors?

Pocket doors are highly practical for small living spaces, as their sliding mechanism saves floor space. By disappearing into the wall, they eliminate the swing area required by traditional doors, making them ideal for maximizing storage and enhancing room layout in compact areas such as apartments and studio flats.

Is a pocket door good for a bathroom?

Yes, a pocket door is ideal for a bathroom as it offers a compact solution and enhances the aesthetic appeal. It allows for more usable square footage and contributes to a clutter-free design, making even small bathrooms and en-suites feel larger and more inviting. Additionally, pocket doors provide a sleek, modern look aligning with contemporary home design trends.

Do I need a special door for a pocket door?

No, a special door is not required for a pocket door installation. Most standard-sized doors, including an older one you may have, can be compatible with a pocket door kit. Avoid doors with raised mouldings that could catch, and check the door’s weight is in accordance with the pocket door hardware’s limitations. Ensure the door dimensions match the kit's specifications for a seamless fit.

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