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A traditional design with modern features

Cottage doors are designed to replicate the look of traditional doors and evoke nostalgia of a bygone era. While the design is traditional, all of our doors are made using modern manufacturing processes to ensure that your cottage door will last for years to come.

There are many types of cottage doors, including solid and glazed options. One of the most popular choices on the market is the Ely Cottage Oak Door. This offers a slightly contemporary take on traditional cottage designs and uses 3mm deep grooves to accentuate the appearance of the slim vertical panels. This door looks beautiful in a country cottage and adds a point of interest in modern homes.

Unfinished doors allow you to add the perfect finishing touch

The majority of our cottage internal doors come unfinished as standard. We find customers prefer this, in general, as it gives you ultimate flexibility about the final appearance of your door.

Unfinished doors don’t have any kind of finish, such as lacquer or paint, so you can apply your own finish. This can involve using a clear, satin finish that brings out the natural finish of the wood or a bright colour to add a modern twist to the more traditional design.

The advantages of Engineered Wood

All of our cottage doors use engineered wood to ensure a sturdy, low-maintenance door that looks as beautiful as a traditional solid wood door. Engineered wood bonds thin strips of wood to create a solid engineered core. The solid core is finished with a layer of natural wood so it looks like a solid wooden door.

There are many benefits to using engineered wood, one of the most obvious being the price tag. Engineered wood allows you to choose a stunning internal door with the look and design of an expensive door at a fraction of the price.

In the long run, you’ll also find engineered wood is far less maintenance than solid wood which makes it a more convenient option. When exposed to moisture or heat, solid wood doors are prone to warping and splitting making them tricky choices for kitchens and bathrooms.

Standard Sized Doors With Customisation Options

We have a range of standard sized doors that will fit the majority of doorways. However, many period properties don’t have standard doorway sizes so all of our doors have lipping. The exact lipping will vary depending on the specific door but in general, it ranges between 12mm and 20mm, which allows you to trim your door down to size if necessary.

Fire Doors for Kitchens and Garages

When choosing an internal door, we make sure to pay attention to what will make a great style addition, but what about safety? Options like our Ely Cottage door are also available as FD30 rated fire doors.

FD30 rated fire doors are recommended when choosing a new kitchen door, or an internal door that will lead out to your garage. They can also be a smart addition in rooms that lead to hallways as in the event of a fire, it makes it easy to shut off the room and still use the hallway for evacuation.

To attain FD30 certification, these doors must be able to suppress the spread of fire and smoke for a minimum of thirty minutes.

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