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Why choose a white fire door?

White will always be a popular choice in the home. The neutrality of white means that it makes a welcome addition whatever your style of decor and colour scheme. White doors also help make a room look brighter, and therefore bigger.

If the crispness of white is not your style though and you want more colour, many of our white fire doors are available primed. This means you can add whatever colour you think will give your door the perfect finishing touch.

We have a handy guide on painting internal doors here.

Our doors are available in a range of standard sizes. To make sure you find the right size for your door, you can read our door measuring guide.

To make sure your doors look perfectly at home, we don’t provide hardware with our doors so you can choose hardware that compliments or matches what is already in your home.

What is a fire door?

An FD30 rated fire door means that it has been built for the purpose of preventing the spread of fire for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Our fire doors are 44mm thick for added safety measures.

What is the purpose of a safety door?

Often when choosing an external door, we’ll make a lot of our decisions based on safety features of the door. Does it have the right locks? Is it appropriately sturdy? It’s just as important to take safety into account when deciding on a new internal door as well.

There are some times in domestic properties where fire doors are necessary to fulfil fire safety compliance regulations. For example, in homes over two stories to separate the stairwell and rooms, in loft conversions and between houses and garages.

They’re also highly recommended between kitchens, where household fires are most likely to begin, and other rooms, including garages.

Why choose Vivid Doors?

Our unbeatable value and commitment to high-quality service means we can guarantee buying an internal door with us will be a hassle-free experience.

We offer a wide range of white fire doors, including glazing options, so your home has the design you envision without sacrificing safety.

There are a wide range of standard sized white fire doors available. But, if you live in a property with non-standard sizing, such as in a period property, our doors do have lipping so they can be trimmed to fit awkward doorway sizes.

VAT Included and Delivery

All of our prices include VAT so you know exactly what our doors cost upfront.

We keep our standard sized doors stocked in our warehouse so we can offer a convenient delivery window. Most of our doors are delivered within 3-7 working days so your doors are ready to hang in less than a week.

For bespoke doors, there is a longer delivery time but our customer service team will keep you up to date during your ordering process.

So that you don’t pay excess delivery fees, our delivery fees are tailored on how many doors you are ordering. As standard, we offer free delivery on all orders over £750.

You can find more information on our delivery page.

Contact our friendly team

Still not sure which white fire door is right for your home? Want to double check your sizing before ordering? Whatever query you have, our delivery team is always more than happy to assist. We’re available to call on 01246 887 338 or you can visit our contact page.