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Solid Shaker Style Internal Doors

Shaker style doors have remained a staple in many homes and have been an especially popular choice for kitchens. Our wide design range has seen their popularity grow and they’re now used in every room in the home. Solid shaker style doors are a great choice to create a clean separation between rooms in a style-conscious way.

Our shaker style doors stay true to their minimalist roots whilst offering a variety of traditional and contemporary design twists. Our Victorian shaker 4-panel door offers the perfect traditional touch and looks wonderful in cottages and town-houses alike. More modern designs like the Coventry Shaker 4-Panel door offer a modern take that makes a perfect choice for style-forward looks.

Glazed Shaker Style Internal Doors

Glazed internal doors are the perfect choice if you want to make the most of the natural light in your home. Glazed internal doors will make any room seem brighter and airier. They’re also wonderful for making smaller spaces seem larger.

Our Shaker-style door range has a variety of glazing options to suit any style of home. If you really want to maximise natural light, our single floor-length glazed panels lets in light from top to bottom whereas our Malton half-glazed door offers a more traditional look.

Of course, just because you want to make the most of the natural light in your home, doesn’t mean you don’t still value your privacy. We have a range of frosted glass options that give you the best of both worlds. Frosted glass means that you can let in light without sacrificing your privacy and keeping a sense of separation between rooms.

Shaker Style French Doors & Bifold Doors

French doors and bifold doors are always a popular choice in homes. They offer a lot of flexibility and create an open-plan feel throughout the home. French doors, like our Oak French Door, offers a contemporary look with clean lines and large glass panels. They’re especially popular in home offices and dining rooms.

Bifold doors allow you to have the openness of a French Door whilst maximising your space. Where French doors open outwards on hinges, Bifold doors simply fold to one side of the door frame. Neatly tucked away, the bifold doors don’t take up additional space and can temporarily combine spaces. This is perfect for hosting parties and family events.

We even have single bi-fold doors with glazing for those who really need to make the most of their space. This is perfect for those tight spaces where you can’t fully open or close a door but still want separation. They are the width of a single door but split in half so they can be folded to one side.

Check out our handy guide on how to fit your own Bifold doors.

The advantages of engineered oak

At Vivid Doors, we prefer to use engineered oak for our shaker style doors. Engineered oak creates a solid core by bonding together smaller strips of wood, they are then topped with a solid outer veneer of oak. This gives your door the appearance of an oak door and can be painted and stained like an oak door, but with quite a few additional benefits.

One of the major benefits of an engineered oak door is the cost. Solid oak doors will always be more expensive, whereas an engineered oak door can be made at a more budget-friendly price. Engineered oak doors are also much lighter so they’re easier to fit and handle.

You don’t have to be concerned about sizing either. As well as our wide range of standard sizing, many of our engineered oak doors can be trimmed by 12mm to fit in those awkward spaces.

What are the differences between prefinished, primed and unfinished doors?

We offer a range of prefinished, primed and unfinished doors. This gives you the most flexibility when choosing the right door for your home.

Prefinished internal doors

Prefinished doors are ready to hang as soon as they arrive, such as the Coventry Glazed Oak Door. They’re the perfect choice if you are happy with the look of natural wood and don’t want to have to spend additional time adding your own finish.

Unfinished internal doors

Unfinished internal doors like the Oak 4 Panel Shaker will come without any finishing or priming whatsoever. This gives you the opportunity to add your own twist and make sure it perfectly matches your home.

Primed Doors

Primed doors are perfect if you plan to paint your door, like the 4 Light White Shaker Glazed Door. They come expertly primed by our team and we guarantee an overall even finish ready for you to add your final colour. Of course, if you like the crisp look of white, you can leave it as it is.

We have helpful guides on how to paint bifold doors and how to paint doors with glass panelling.


Of course, internal doors aren’t just about aesthetics. Safety is paramount when it comes to your home and that’s why many of our Shaker-style doors are available as FD30 rated fire doors.

FD30 rated fire doors are certified to stop the passage of fire and smoke for a minimum of thirty minutes. They’re especially useful as kitchen and garage doors.

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