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Vivid Doors offers a range of internal glazed fire doors for those needing the light to flow between rooms where there is a potential fire risk point. These 44mm thick glazed internal fire doors are heavyweight in feel and give you a full 30 minutes of protection against fire. These fire doors with glass, are available in oak, walnut & solid white primed and are available in a rage of imperial and metric sizes, and can be turned into glazed fire rated french doors using the appropriate materials.

Solid, Stylish and Safe Fire Doors

At Vivid Doors, we have a selection of internal glazed fire doors. These are 44mm thick, FD30 doors that will protect a room against fire for a full 30 minutes. They are offered in a range of styles, including oak and walnut with large glazed panes of glass or multiple smaller windows. These stylish doors offer the best of both worlds. They let light flow freely between rooms, leaving each room feeling bright and airy, while still offering the kind of fire protection you would expect from a heavier solid door. We also have a range of FD60 doors for apartment blocks and other niche situations.

These single doors are designed to meet current building regulations, and if necessary they can be turned into glazed fire rated French doors, using the appropriate materials. We offer these doors in a range of common imperial and metric sizes, to suit most homes. We also have a selection of designs at different price points, from elegant but simple budget doors (which offer robust build quality and maximum safety).

Fire doors are a legal requirement in many homes. For example, if you have a two storey home with a door joining your home to your garage, that should be a fire door. If you have a loft conversion, or a three storey home, you will need fire doors to protect every habitable room.

Varying Sizes for Your Needs

For domestic properties, an FD30 fire door is acceptable. These doors are usually 44mm thick, so you will need to make sure that the frame you have will accept the door. It may be necessary for you to completely replace the frame if you are renovating an older home. Traditionally, fire doors have been imposing, heavy and dull-looking things, but these glazed fire doors are far more suitable for a home environment, and would not look out of place in a living room, kitchen, or even a bedroom.

Our glazed fire doors come with generous lippings so that they can be trimmed to suit most opening sizes. Some of the doors are 44mm thick, others 35mm thick to fit standard door openings, and are still FD30 rated. It is important to note that fire doors will be effective only if they are fitted properly. Therefore, we request that you measure the door properly and confirm the fire rating of the frame if you plan to hang the door in the existing frame.

Make sure that you close the fire doors in your property before going to bed (or fit them with hinges that will ensure that the door closes automatically). A fire door that is left open is next-to useless, and one that is fitted in a frame that is not FD30 rated could also pose a risk in the event that a fire does break out.

Find Out More

If you need any advice about our fire doors, or our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to explain our product range to you, and offer advice on measuring your opening and choosing the right door to fit your property. We have doors at every price range, with robust guarantees, so we are confident that you will love your choice.