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Oak and Walnut 5 Panel Internal Doors

One of our most popular 5 Panel internal doors is the Vancouver range which is a more contemporary take on the traditional 5-panel design. The Vancouver 5-panel range is available in a warm oak or rich walnut.

Oak remains one of the most favoured materials for doors because of its warm look and range of undertones that can range from rich yellows to subtle reds. Oak works well with the majority of colours schemes and complements both traditional and contemporary homes.

For a more dramatic statement, rich walnut is a wonderful choice. Walnut doors add a sense of elegance and prestige to any home. Despite their deep tones, they work equally well with soft colour schemes as they can lend a dramatic edge.

Prefinished 5 Panel Doors for Extra Convenience

Our 5-panel doors come finished as standard so they’re available to hang as soon as they arrive. Prefinished doors are the most convenient options as they’re professionally finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer that serves to accentuate the natural beauty of your wooden door.

Engineered Wood For a Sturdy, Low-Maintenance Door

We used engineered wood to create all of our oak, pine and walnut doors. Engineered oak has quickly become the most popular choice for doors as it offers all of the aesthetic benefits of a solid wooden door without the necessary upkeep.

Engineered wood creates a solid core with bonded strips of wood that are then finished with a layer of solid wood. This allows you to have the traditional look of a solid wooden door, but with a few key benefits.

One of the most obvious benefits is the cost when comparing engineered wood to a solid wooden door. Engineered wood is a far more budget-friendly option whilst allowing you to enjoy the style of a solid wooden door.

For most people, the biggest benefit is how engineered wood requires far less upkeep than wooden doors. Without regular upkeep, wooden doors are prone to warping and splitting if exposed to temperature shifts and moisturise. This can make them a high-maintenance option, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Engineered wood doesn’t require this level of upkeep so you can hang it and carry on with your day.

Standard Sized Doors With Customisation Options

At Vivid Doors, we offer a range of standard door sizes, both metric and imperial, that fit the majority of doorways. However, especially in period properties, it’s not uncommon to have a doorway that’s just slightly off what you’d expect. That’s why our doors have solid wooden lippings that allow them to be trimmed down to size to fit even the most awkward of doorways.

Fire Doors for Kitchens and Garages

When choosing an internal door, it’s important to choose a door that fits with your home’s aesthetic but that’s not the only consideration. Especially if you’re choosing a door for a high-risk area, such as a kitchen, safety is paramount.

Our 5-panel doors are also available as FD30 rated fire doors which guarantees they will stop the passage of smoke and fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to close off the area, evacuate your home and call for help.

As well as kitchens, FD30 rated fire doors are a great addition to internal doors that lead to garages. Many customers also chose them for rooms that lead to hallways as it makes it easier to block a single area and keep the hallway as an escape path.

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