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Our Range of Glazed Fire Door Sets

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 Seville White 1L FD30 Fire Door Set Deanta Doors

Seville White 1L FD30 Fire Door Set

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£598.33 ex VAT

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Ely White Glazed FD30 Fire Door Set Deanta Doors

Ely White Glazed FD30 Fire Door Set

From £718.00 inc VAT.
£598.33 ex VAT

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More about the Glazed Fire Door Sets Collection

The primary purpose of including glazing in fire door sets is to allow for natural light and visibility while still maintaining the door's fire-resistant properties. However, not all types of glass can be used in fire doors, as the glass must meet specific requirements and standards to ensure it can withstand high temperatures during a fire. When incorporating glazing into door sets, several factors need to be considered during the manufacturing process:

Glazing in fire doors can provide a combination of functionality, aesthetics, and safety, allowing for visibility and natural light without compromising the door's ability to contain the spread of fire and smoke. If you require further information about fire doors, why not read our comprehensive article, which looks at "what are fire doors?".

Questions about Glazed Fire Door Sets

Why are glazed fire doors so expensive?

Glazed fire doors can be more expensive than standard doors or non-glazed fire doors for several reasons. Firstly, the fire-resistant glass used in glazed fire door sets is specially designed and manufactured to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire and smoke. This type of glass is more costly to produce than regular glass, which contributes to the overall expense of the door. Once the glazing has been identified and manufactured, you can move on to the glazing system (which includes the fire-rated glazing beads, frames, and intumescent seals), which again must also be fire-resistant. These specialized components are typically more expensive than those used in standard doors or non-glazed fire doors.

Taking the initial components into consideration, incorporating glazing into a fire door requires precise design and manufacturing processes to ensure the door's fire-resistant properties are not compromised. This added complexity can increase production costs.

Glazed fire doors must meet strict fire safety standards and regulations, which require extensive testing and certification. The costs associated with testing, certification, and ensuring compliance with building codes contribute to the higher price of glazed fire doors. While glazed fire doors can be more expensive than other door options, their benefits in terms of fire safety, aesthetics, and functionality can make them a valuable investment for certain buildings and spaces. The higher price reflects the specialized materials, manufacturing processes, and expertise required to create and install these life-saving doors.

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