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Spring into Savings with our Exclusive Ely 2 Panel Oak Promotion!
Spring into Savings with our Exclusive Ely 2 Panel Oak Promotion!

Our Range of Pine Fire Doors

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Pine 1930 4 Panel Fire Door PM Mendes

Pine 1930 4 Panel Fire Door

From £244.50 inc VAT.
£203.75 ex VAT

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Islington Pine Fire Door PM Mendes

Islington Pine Fire Door

From £243.83 inc VAT.
£203.19 ex VAT

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More about the Pine Fire Doors Collection

Why choose a pine fire door?

Pine is known for its light colouring, flexibility in taking stains and varnishes and cost efficiency.

There are many varieties of pine so you can also expect a natural variation which adds warm and depth to your wooden door. Because pine is fine-grained, it offers a smooth finish that gives a polish appearance.

The doors in our pine fire doors range come in a variety of standard sizing so there’s something to fit every doorway.

To make sure you know which is the right size for your doorway, we’ve created a handy guide to measuring doors. You can read our full door measuring guide here.

What does FD30 rating mean?

FD30 means that a door is able to prevent fire spreading for a minimum of thirty minutes. This gives you time to shut the door, blocking the path of the fire, and then escape the house quickly before calling the fire brigade.

There are some occasions where fire doors are necessary to domestic properties. If your home is over two stories, fire doors are required between stairwells and rooms, excluding bathrooms. They’re also required between houses and garages and loft conversions to be fully compliant with fire safety regulations.

For additional safety, all of Vivid Doors fire doors are 44mm thick.

What is the purpose of a fire safety door?

Fire safety doors are recommended to hang between kitchens and any rooms they’re connected to. That is because kitchens are the most common place for household fires to start. A fire safety door’s main purpose is to give you time. Because they block the spread of fire for a minimum of thirty minutes, it gives you time to block the fire’s path and then leave to call for help.

It’s important to take safety into account when choosing a new internal door. Just like buying an external door, you need to make sure your door is as sturdy as you need and has all of the safety measures necessary.

Why choose Vivid Doors?

We’re incredibly proud of our customer-service team who always aim to provide high-quality service throughout your entire journey; from choosing a door to after-care once it’s been delivered and hung.

Our doors ensure high-quality doors at affordable pricing.

VAT Included and Delivery

We keep many of our standard sized doors stocked in our warehouse so they’re available for delivery. As standard, we offer 3-7 working day delivery so you can purchase your door and get it hung in less than a week!

All of the prices on our website are inclusive of VAT so you pay the price you see. There’s no hidden fees when you get to the checkout!

Our delivery fees are tiered, depending on your order size, so that you don’t pay more than you need to for delivery. On larger orders, over £750, we also offer free delivery (over £750).

To find full delivery details, you can read our delivery page.

Contact our friendly team

Still have a few questions about our pine fire doors? Our friendly customer service team are on hand to assist you. Whether you’re looking for advice on the right door, have questions about hardware or anything else – get in touch.

You can give us a call on 01246 887 338 or visit our contact page to get in touch.

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