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Our Range of Deanta Architectural Doors

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Vivid Doors recognises the distinctiveness of each customer, understanding that individual requirements, specifications, and tastes can vary widely. To cater to this diverse spectrum of needs, Deanta presents its latest Architectural range.

This expansive collection provides an abundance of internal door options, complemented by a vast selection of aperture choices and glazing types. It's an embodiment of flexibility, enabling customers to craft their quintessential door tailored to their vision.

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Flush Doors

Clean, simple designs in oak, walnut, light grey ash, dark grey ash, and dual ash veneers. Offered in a range of sizes.

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Contemporary Doors

Distinctive modern styles like the Anton, Arata, Mies, and Renzo collections. Creative lines, grooves, and angles.

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Feature Doors

Unique inset panel and door designs that make a bold statement. Customisable with choice of veneers.

Fire Door Excellence: Safety, Acoustics, and Regulation Compliance

In the realm of safety and functionality, fire doors serve as a paramount addition to any architectural endeavour, and Deanta's range embodies this commitment to excellence. Their fire doors, available in FD30 and FD60 ratings, provide resistance against fire for 30 and 60 minutes respectively, acting as critical barriers to safeguard both property and lives during emergencies.

Further enhancing their credibility, Deanta has fostered a strategic partnership with industry trailblazers, Lorient. Through this collaboration, Deanta's fire doors have been meticulously acoustically tested, achieving sound insulation up to 33dB courtesy of Lorient's advanced acoustic sealing systems. Beyond their formidable safety and soundproofing features, these doors adhere stringently to regulatory benchmarks. They seamlessly comply with Part E of the Building Regulations when outfitted with the requisite seals, including a vital drop seal at the threshold.

Opting for Deanta's fire doors is a testament to prioritising unmatched safety, sound insulation, and stringent regulatory compliance.



Features unique curved fins made from flexible elastometric material for performance and durability. Installed at the head and jambs of single and double leaf doors.

Fire Seal

LP1504 Fire Seal

Lorient intumescent fire door seals offer the ultimate in fire protection where no smoke sealing is required - or with an additional smoke and acoustic seal such as Batwing®.

Drop Seal

LAS8001 SI

Aluminium based drop seal for acoustic, smoke and energy containment. Features a high efficiency mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened. Fitted onto single swing doors, for use on both right and left-handed doors.

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