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More about the Black Front Doors Collection

Is a black front door a good idea?

Believe it or not, the colour of your front door can impact the value of your property, so if you're contemplating a move in the next few years, it's worth checking what door colour will have the most positive impact.

The great news is that according to research carried out in 2020, buying a new black front door can add £1,000 to the value of your house.

Seen as stylish and sophisticated, black is undoubtedly a great colour choice.

Is a black front door popular?

Black as a front door colour choice has been growing in popularity over the last two decades, with a considerable spike in appreciation over the last five years.

With that said, black front doors are still considered to be 'different.' The perfect option if your aim is to make your house stand out.

Benefits of choosing a black front door

In addition to the extra value it could add to your home, there are numerous other advantages of installing a black front door, including:

Added luxury

Black is synonymous with luxury, elegance and sophistication. While lighter colour choices such as white or natural wood are great choices for rural environments or for traditional-looking properties, black will suit any setting and property style.

Inspires feelings of safety and security

There's a reason why number 10 Downing Street has a black door - it oozes safety and security. If you opt for a black composite door from us, you'll enjoy additional durability, noise reduction, thermal efficiency and more.

Range of complementary accessories

Black will really bring out the colour of your brass, silver or gold door handles, locks and other accessories. If you want to do something really different, you could opt for brightly coloured accessories to sit in stark contrast against the dark backdrop.

Do black composite doors fade?

Black composite front doors are expected to last for around 30 years, making them a fantastic long-term investment. They are also extremely hardy, withstanding the Great British weather and winning.

As your black composite door reaches the 30-year mark, it may start to face but this won't impact the functionality of the door.

Why shop with Vivid Doors?

At Vivid Doors, we only stock items from reputable and well-known brands that we know and trust. That way, we can guarantee the quality of anything you purchase through our website.

We also want everybody to access external doors from great brands, so in addition to the fantastic prices you'll find across our site, we've implemented a price match guarantee, so you won't have to spend hours shopping around trying to find the best deal, you've already found it. We'll also waive the delivery fee when you spend £750 with us.

Finally, we're so sure of the quality of the composite black doors we stock that we've implemented a ten-year warranty guarantee, leaving you with nothing to worry about when you shop with us.

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