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LPD’s Range of Internal and External Doors For Any Home

LPD designs both internal and external doors that offer timeless beauty and durability. They’re known for their design flourishes that really add something special to a door. Every LPD door makes a statement and adds a touch of style to your home.
Many LPD doors are also available as FD30 rated fire doors, perfect for kitchens and rooms that open up into garages. LPD’s range of fire doors mean you can prioritise both safety and design.

Our Range of LPD Doors

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Door Frames

LPD are a UK manufacturer based in Leeds with over forty years of experience who pride themselves on cutting-edge door designs of the utmost quality.

Despite their massive growth over the last forty years, LPD are still a family business who run themselves with the same enthusiasm for quality design they did in their founding. Using their decades of experience, LPD give unparalleled attention to detail in every aspect of design and manufacturing so you know you’re going to get a stylish, quality door that will last you for years to come.

LPD invests a lot of resources into their product development so you can be sure an LPD door is like no other. We stock a wide range of internal and external LPD doors including panelled doors and folding doors which can create a sense of openness and space in your home.

Interior Doors

Internal doors aren’t just there to separate rooms, they’re an essential part of any design. That’s why LPD offers a huge range of design options whether you want something that perfectly blends in with your room or draws attention.

With neutral oak doors that offer a subtle warmth to deep walnut doors that create rich, bold statements. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, LPD also offers many on-trend coloured doors, including crisp whites and off-greys with striking black detailing.

If you enjoy the look of a crisp white door, you might find our guide to keeping white doors sparkling helpful.

If you want to ensure your interior space gets the most light possible, check out one of LPD’s gorgeous glazed options.

External Doors

The right external door can make a world of difference. Whether you’re looking for an external door to transition between your home and garden or are looking for something to welcome visitors.

With an extensive range of oak doors, including Part-L compliant models, you’re sure to find a design you love. All of LPD’s external oak doors are unfinished so you can add a finish that’s perfect for your home.

LPD uses high-quality material so with basic maintenance, you’ll find this an incredibly durable range of external doors. We have a guide on external door maintenance to help.

LPD’s sustainability stance

Recognising how closely doormaking is linked to the timber trade, LPD takes the responsibility that comes with this very seriously. LPD actively seeks to implement business practices that minimise their impact on the environment.

LPD are committed to upholding the principles of Chain of Custody, only working with manufacturers who source timber from well-managed forests. Where possible, LPD also look to recycle and reuse material that would otherwise go to a landfill, as well as regular monitoring of where they can reduce overall consumption to minimise waste.

LPD are proud that a growing number of their products are FSC® certified and hope to extend this to their entire range.

Our quality guarantee

We want you to be confident in every purchase you make with Vivid Doors which is why we offer guarantees of up to ten years on all of our doors.

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