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Choosing primed white internal french doors is an excellent idea to further maximise the sense of light and space in a room. Light will bounce off the clean white finish and illuminate the room further. Ready to go as they are you can hang straight away. Alternatively, the factory finish is the ultimate primed base for any colour paint, stain or other decoration you wish to apply to your doors.

Many white primed doors have solid cores, providing an excellent level of thermal insulation – keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This insulation also ensures a good amount of noise reduction between rooms which is an added bonus if you have young children or noisy teenagers.

In an effort to filter light through rooms and allow that sense of space – most people opt for a glazed set of internal french doors. The larger the glass panels, the more light is allowed to filter through. With more glass comes the concern over safety, especially with the presence of young children and pets – this is where our toughened safety glass puts your mind at rest.

So you have chosen beautiful french doors, picked out a colour to match your interior and have taken advantage of the safety of toughened glazing. But what about privacy? If the room you want to filter more light into happens to be an office or even a bathroom, you would benefit from a frosted glaze to your doors. This still allows light to flood through, but also affords varying degrees of privacy depending on the type of frosting chosen.

Our white internal french doors are easily customisable to fit any shape and size of doorway. So please get in touch with our friendly team with any queries.