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Our Range of 12ft Bifold Doors

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Grey 3600mm UPVC Bi-Fold Door OPEN OUT 5LClimadoor

Grey 3600mm UPVC Bi-Fold Door OPEN OUT 5L

£3,727.00 inc VAT
£3,105.83 ex VAT

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Grey 3600mm UPVC Bi-Fold Door OPEN OUT 5RClimadoor

Grey 3600mm UPVC Bi-Fold Door OPEN OUT 5R

£3,727.00 inc VAT
£3,105.83 ex VAT

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More about the 12ft Bifold Doors Collection

Imagine transforming your home into a beautiful, welcoming oasis with a set of 3600mm bifold patio doors. As you open these elegant doors, they glide effortlessly, connecting your indoor living space with the enchanting outdoors. The panoramic view through the expansive glass panels instantly elevates the atmosphere, filling your home with an abundance of natural light and fresh air.

With bifold doors, your living space takes on a new level of versatility and functionality. Host memorable gatherings with friends and family as the doors create a seamless flow between your home and the inviting patio or garden outside. The open-concept design offers boundless opportunities for socializing, relaxation, and enjoying the outdoors in style.

During warmer months, bask in the gentle breezes and sunshine without ever leaving the comfort of your home. In cooler weather, watch the captivating dance of autumn leaves or delicate snowflakes through the large panes of toughened glass while staying cozy indoors. The superior thermal efficiency of our bifold patio doors ensures that your home stays warm and comfortable throughout the year, ultimately saving on energy costs.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, bifold patio doors provide exceptional security and durability. Crafted from robust materials like aluminium or uPVC and equipped with advanced multi-point locking systems, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is well-protected.

Investing in a set of 12ft bifold patio doors means investing in a luxurious, transformative experience that enhances your home's atmosphere, functionality, and value. Embrace the dream of seamless indoor-outdoor living and make it a reality with our exceptional bifold doors.

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