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Why choose a single bifold door?

Single bifold doors are a popular choice in homes that are trying to make the most of their space. Traditional single internal doors will move on their hinge to open outwards which takes up additional space. If you have limited space, such as in a narrow hallway, this can be especially inconvenient.

A single bifold door deals with this because rather than a single plane of wood, it is made up of two separate panels. They can then fold back onto themselves in a zig zag fold so won’t take up room outside of the door way. This way you can keep the door open without taking up additional room to make your home feel lighter and larger.

Single bifold doors are available in a variety of finishes so there is always one to suit your home.

Are single bifold doors more complicated to hang?

Single bifold doors are no more complicated to hang than a regular bifold door. In fact, because of their size it can be far easier and it should only take a few hours to have your new door installed. The door halves are supplied shorter than the 1981mm shown on our site, with the remaining height being taken up by the running hardware at the top of the doors.

Why choose Vivid Doors?

Vivid Doors is known for the high-quality of its doors and customer service. Our mission is to offer quality doors at affordable prices, with VAT included, and quick delivery times.

All of our customer service team have an extensive product knowledge depth and are committed to providing you with customer service that ensures you have a stress-free shopping experience and get the perfect door for your home.

We don’t believe customer service stops once you hit the checkout either, our team are always available for aftercare and questions long after your door has been delivered.

Delivery options

As standard, we offer 3-7 working day delivery. We can offer this short delivery time because we make sure to keep our warehouse stocked with a wide range of our most popular standard sized doors.

To ensure you don’t pay excessive delivery fees we have a tiered delivery service. This means your delivery charge will depend on the number of doors you order and scales favourably. We also offer free delivery on large orders, over £750.

You can find full information on our delivery pricing on our delivery page.

Get in touch with us

Have you looked through our single bifold door range and still have a few questions? Whether you want advice on fitting your door, have queries about sizing or finish, or any other questions, our team is always here to help.

We’re proud of our team’s product knowledge and they’re available to help you make the right choice.

You can contact our team on 01246 887 338 or visit our contact page to get in touch.