Cost of Internal Bifold Doors

When it comes to large, room-expanding doors, few designs are more popular than internal bifold doors. They’ll allow for an unprecedented impression of space, as they can collapse into a tiny space, or expand to cover a huge one. Just imagine being able to effectively remove an entire wall of your house, and step out into the garden on a summer’s day. And think of the benefits of allowing huge amounts of natural light into your home. If you find that you’re frequently entertaining, a folding door makes a great choice – but even if you’re not, they’ll contribute considerably to the look and value of your property.

With all of these benefits in mind, you might be tempted to plan an installation to add a bifold door to your home. Like any purchase though there is a cost to consider. Let’s take a look at the cost of internal bifold doors.

How expensive are internal bifold doors?

One of the key virtues of the folding door is its adaptability. Since they’re available in a variety of sizes and configurations, would-be owners have lots of options to look at before they commit to an installation. You might, for example, need to cover a larger space, and so opt for more panels. Or, you might have the same number of panels, or make each of them slightly larger. Finishing and glazing can also help extend the available options.

Naturally, this versatility makes it difficult to make general statements about how expensive the door will ultimately be. If you decided that you’d like a much larger door, then you’ll need to pay more. Similarly, you might find that doors containing larger amounts of glass, or which come with patterned or frosted glazing, command higher prices. It’s worth browsing the various configurations in order to get a rough idea of what’s achievable with your budget.

It’s important to also factor in additional costs when you’re first drafting your budget – you might need to install extras like locks and handles, and you might also decide to pay someone to fit the door for you (we’ll come back to that momentarily). If you’re looking an extensive renovation, where you’re knocking down walls to accommodate a larger door, then these other costs will be even more important.

How much do our Internal bifold doors cost?

Our internal bifold doors range from just over six-hundred pounds to more than a thousand, with more panels contributing to a larger price. Naturally, for each of our designs, you’ll be able to choose from a range of different configurations – each of them carrying a slightly different price tag. 

Our standard oak-glazed roomfold door design, for example, starts from £829.  Each panel comes with a single large pane of glass, allowing for maximal light dispersal. The prefinished frosted version of the same door costs slightly more, at around £859, but you might knock this down to £799 by opting for a ‘4L’ design, consisting of four glass panels. There are a myriad of designs to choose from, and each of them can be configured in countless ways. 

When browsing our range, pay attention to the way that the number of panels is described. If two numbers are listed, adjoined by a ‘+’ symbol, then it means that the panels fold out from either side of the door. If the numbers are equal, it means the door is symmetrical, and the two sets of panels will meet in the middle. Some folding doors come with just one panel on one side in order to allow easy access without going to the trouble of opening up the whole door.

How much is a bifold door installation?

Once you’ve got the doors themselves into your possession, there’s the small matter of actually getting them installed. If you’re looking to cut costs here, you might install your bifold doors yourself – it’s easily done provided that you proceed carefully and ensure that you understand the entire process before you get started. We supply all the instructions for installation too, making it as easy for you to do as possible. It’s not a task that you’ll be able to complete on your own, and so recruiting a DIY-savvy accomplice is crucial. 

If you don’t feel comfortable carrying out the installation yourself, then you might also consider hiring an expert tradesperson to do it for you. A professional joiner, builder or handyman will be able to take care of it – but some will charge more than others. When hiring an outside contractor, be sure that you’ve examined the person’s references before allowing them to carry out the work – if you’re going to hire a professional, it’s worth ensuring that they’ll do a professional job!

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