Bifold Doors

Stunning selection of premium quality bifold doors, available in a vast range of sizes and materials including aluminium. Find top quality bifolding doors at affordable prices with fast delivery and excellent customer service when you shop with Vivid.

Here at Vivid Doors we stock an array of both internal and external bifold doors.
Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bifold doors or maybe you are new to bifold doors, and are taking the step to transform your home, you will find plenty of options to choose from. We stock both traditional and modern bifold designs, from engineered oak to enviable grey aluminium. You will also find engineered hardwood and uPVC options within our range as we cover all materials.
Likewise, when it comes to size. We are one of the few companies who offer such as expansive selection of sizes within our bifold door range. From single bifold doors to six panels covering 15 foot wide spaces.

Our Range of Bifold Doors

Internal Bifold Doors

Take a look at the widest range of internal bifold doors in the UK.

With a vast range of sizes, designs and materials to choose from, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in our range. As well as our products you’ll also find useful information to help you choose the right doors for your home.

  • Modern and traditional designs available.
  • Latest styles from leading brands.
  • Great guarantees and fast delivery.

External Bifold Doors

High performance superior external bifold doors, shop them now.

Our external bifold doors feature advanced security measures, have increased thermal efficiency and come in various materials and styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

  • Thermally broken aluminium doors available.
  • High quality uPVC options.
  • Accessible door options and versatile opening styles.

What Material For Bifold Doors?

We stock all materials so you aren’t limited. Aluminium are more costly and uPVC frames are considerably cheaper but the choice is personal taste. Aluminium can be more sturdy and durable and less maintenance but good quality timber and uPVC bifolds like the ones we stock are just as good. Many customers make their material choice based on what windows and doors they currently have within their home but should you be renovating your home we stock other windows and doors to match so it’s not a problem should you fancy a change.

The best bifold doors really depends on your home and personal style. We love aluminium for contemporary homes and timber for traditional but we are proud of all of our products.

Do Bifold Doors Open In Or Out?

They can open whichever way you choose, depending on your home. Most people choose external bifold doors that open outwards so you don’t lose any internal space.

You can find some further useful guides specific to internal and external bifold use on our category pages but if you have any questions or would like further help don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bifold Doors

Do your internal bifold doors have safety glass as standard?

They most certainly can be, and when you shop with us, you can expect very short lead times. All you have to do is send us a link to the product Indeed they do. In fact, all of the internal and external bifold doors you’ll find on our website come with safety glazing as standard.

Do you offer made-to-measure bifold doors?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide a made-to-measure bifold door solution. However, all of our internal sets can be trimmed to some extent by your joiner to fit snugly within its frame.

You can typically reduce each door leaf by 10mm on the width (multiplied by the number of doors purchased), and the whole set by 20-30mm on the height (depending on the set type).

The key here is to ensure that all of the doors are trimmed equally to make it practically impossible to know they’ve been trimmed.

In the instance that our frame sizes are slightly smaller than your opening, your joiner can pack out the frame, as this will usually be covered by the architrave.

If you see an internal bifold door that you like, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can advise on whether it can be trimmed to fit your precise specifications.

What are the main differences between the bifolding systems you offer?

There are three main systems of internal bifold doors to choose from when you shop with us.

Two, The Standard, and The Grande, are hung at the top only, with little (or nothing) at floor level, whereas the other is hung at the top and has a low-level guide track at the bottom to ensure the doors operate smoothly.

Additional differences between the two top-hung systems, include differing ironmongery systems; with the Grande offering almost external grade stainless steel hardware.

Aspect UPVC Bi-fold Doors - Grey & White High Security

What’s your advice for installing an external bifold door into an existing wall?

Our best advice would be to speak with a local joiner or builder, as advice will depend on your exact setup. They will be able to discuss creating an opening for your new bifold doors, explain which lintels you’ll need above the set and more.

To help, you can show them the door you’re purchasing from us and they can then guide you on costs and timescales for installation.