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Why choose an oak door?

Oak is a wonderful material. Not only does it look beautiful and fit in with any style of decor, it also offers natural insulation properties. The natural insulation properties will help keep out unwanted noise from other rooms.

Our oak fire doors use engineered oak; engineered oak is created by bonding multiple layers of oak together, which makes it stronger than plain oak, and it is then topped with a layer of natural oak. This means that you have all the aesthetic benefits of oak with added stability and durability.

So that your door looks perfectly at home, we don’t provide hardware with our doors so you can choose hardware that perfectly compliments.

Our oak fire doors come in a range of sizes. To make sure you know your doors measurements, we’ve put together a guide to measuring doors. Read our full door measuring guide here.

What does FD30 rating mean?

An FD30 rating means your door will be able to stop the spread of fire for a minimum of thirty minutes. This gives you additional time to block the fire’s path, by closing the door, and escaping to safety.

On some occasions, fire doors are a requirement to be fully compliant with fire safety regulations. In domestic properties, homes over two stores require fire doors between stairwells and rooms. This excludes bathrooms. They’re also required between garages and roofs and loft conversions.

As an extra safety measure, all Vivid Doors fire doors are 44mm thick.

What is the purpose of a fire safety door?

The purpose of a fire safety door is to block fire from spreading and causing more damage than is absolutely necessary. They are highly recommended in doorways between kitchens and other rooms, because kitchens are a common house-fire origin point.

Why choose Vivid Doors?

At Vivid Doors, we offer unbeatable quality at affordable prices.

Our customer service team pride themselves on their personalised service that offers you a stress-free shopping experience.

With our wide range of internal and external doors, we know you’ll be able to find the perfect addition to your home.

VAT Included and Delivery

We offer 3-7 working day delivery so you can go from choosing a door to fitting it in your home in less than a week!

For convenience, all of our pricing is inclusive of VAT. This makes it easier to work to your budget and saves any surprises when you go to checkout.

Our delivery charge is dependent on how many doors you order; we tier our delivery pricing so that you don’t pay more than you need to. We do offer free delivery (over £750) on orders over £750.

To find full delivery details, you can read our delivery page.

Contact our friendly team

If you still have a query or want to double check any details of your order, our customer service team is available to help. We can assist you with advice, give updates on your order or anything else you may need.

You can give us a call on 01246 887 338 or visit our contact page to get in touch.