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Why Choose Laminate Doors From Vivid?

Laminate internal doors offer many advantages that make them a welcome addition to any modern home.

They are impressively robust, easy-to-clean and hard to mark. Our range of laminate doors cover a choice of colours, styles and designs to help you match a hardwearing, practical internal door to your interior that looks every bit as good as it functions.

Prefinished Doors

All our laminate doors are supplied pre-finished. As soon as they are delivered they are ready to hang, meaning you can stick to any tight door installation schedules you’re working towards.

As well as requiring little work before they’re hung, our fully finished laminated doors are easy to maintain too.

Solid Engineered Cores

All of our laminate internal doors feature a solid or semi-solid engineered core. This means you get all the benefits of a solid door, including the thermal efficiency, noise insulation and heavyweight with all the low maintenance appeal of laminate.

A Functional Door Design

Compared to solid wood doors, laminate doors are far more durable and low-maintenance. Laminate is generally both water and moisture resistant making it an excellent choice for use as a kitchen or bathroom door. In contrast, a solid wood door can actually be damaged by excessive moisture and requires finishes and upkeep to make it water-resistant.

The tough laminate coating on our highly durable doors is wipe-clean. It is well-suited to kitchens and hallways in busy family homes, with splashes and spills easy to remove. Unlike timber doors, laminate doors won’t absorb stains and don’t require regular upkeep or maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Laminate Internal Doors In A Style To Suit Your Home

A laminate door will always be a functional choice, but picking one doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the style of your home. We have stock a wide choice of laminate doors designs in a range of colours that will match all contemporary decor styles.

The surface of our laminate internal doors also feature a replica wood grain. This means they have all the visual appeal of solid wood and oak doors, in sleek and stylish shades to suit a modern home.

Glazed Laminate Doors

For any dark spaces or cramped rooms, a glazed laminate door will help maximise the light flowing through. Whether you want the flood of light allowed by a large glazing panel, the privacy provided by a smaller panel, or the added style of a decorative glazed panel, we have options to suit.

Laminate Fire Door Options

If you’d like the convenience of laminate doors coupled with the peace of mind provided by fire doors, our range has got you covered.

Our fire doors have an increased thickness of 45mm, and feature an engineered core that will help them withstand flames for up to 30 mins. They are suitable for use in doorways leading to and from kitchens, or connecting with garages.

Delivery options & VAT included

All of our pricing is VAT inclusive so the price you see on screen is the same as the price in the basket. We find customers find this far more convenient and it helps them choose a door that suits their budget.

Because we keep a range of our most popular doors in stock at all times our doors can be delivered within 3-7 working days. This means you can have your door ordered and fitted within a week!

We offer free delivery (over £750) on orders over £750 and you can find more information on our tiered delivery pricing on our delivery page.

Get in touch with us

Still have a query about any of the products in our internal laminate door range? Feel free to get in touch with us! Whatever your query, our team is always happy to offer their expertise to make your shopping experience with Vivid Doors stress-free and enjoyable. You can visit our contact page to get in touch.