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More about the Fully Finished Internal French Doors Collection


When you buy prefinished internal double doors, they're ready to install right away. This level of convenience saves you time on your home improvement or renovation project, giving you more time to enjoy the end result. Just add door furniture and accessories to complete the fitting. 


Whilst you might pay a little more for factory-finished interior french doors, you know you're getting a finish that's been expertly applied and will stand the test of time. Your doors will be resilient and long-lasting even in high-traffic areas like the living room, kitchen, or dining room. 

A Flawless Finish

Your room dividers are a thing of beauty, and selecting a prefinished option means that you not only get a stronger finish but a beautiful one too. Get your ready-painted or finished interior double doors and you'll see the transformation. 

Discover your new french door today and you'll be amazed how quickly it can be in place, giving your home the light and style it deserves! 

Questions about Fully Finished Internal French Doors

What does prefinished mean?

A pre-finished French door refers to a type of French door that has already been finished with a protective layer of paint, stain or sealant before being installed. This means that the door has already undergone a finishing process in a factory or workshop and is ready to be installed as soon as it is delivered to the site.

Prefinished French doors are a popular choice for homeowners and builders who want to save time and effort on finishing the doors themselves. Since the doors are pre-finished, they do not require any additional work after installation, which can save time and money. Additionally, pre-finished French doors offer a consistent finish that can be difficult to achieve with on-site finishing.

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