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Interior walnut doors have grown in popularity, particularly in those homes with a contemporary feel, and here at Vivid Doors we have a wide range of prefinished walnut internal doors to choose from. If you are looking to make things easy, why not try our walnut interior doorsets which make installation a breeze, and ensure that you have matching finishes on the walnut lining, architrave and door!

Vivid Doors offers an outstanding range of Wanut internal doors in a huge range of sizes, both metric and imperial, so you’re sure to find the perfect doors for your project. You can choose from Walnut flush doors; Walnut Fire doors; glazed doors; glazed fire doors or panelled doors – all fully finished in the factory to a standard that cannot be achieved on site – so dont hesitate to view our stylish range. Our superb Walnut Interior door collection is simply unbeatable on price and quality.

Walnut Doors – Vivid

Walnut doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who are looking for a more contemporary feel. We have a large selection of pre-finished walnut internal doors for you to choose from, including plain doors, bevelled panels and beautiful glazing.

We also have a selection of walnut interior doorsets, which are easy to install, and include the lining, architrave and door, giving you an instant polished, professional look. Match walnut doors with a wooden floor for a sleek and luxurious living room, or chose the glossy, bold-grained wood for an imposing dining room finish. Our flush doors are the perfect option for those looking for a striking finish.

The Right Size for Your Needs

We stock both metric and imperial thickness doors in a large range of sizes, making it easy for you to find the perfect door for your project. We have flush doors, glazed doors and panelled designs, as well as walnut fire doors (we also have some FD30 rated glazed fire doors), so you can enjoy a stylish and consistent look throughout your home. Our doors are fully finished at the factory, so you can hang them immediately and enjoy a great looking design, no need to worry about priming, staining or painting it first.

Our glazed walnut doors come in a number of modern, striking designs with long, thin windows or multi-paned designs that will let light flood into your living room or kitchen, making the room feel larger, brighter and more welcoming.

Free Delivery as Standard

We offer free delivery (over £750) as standard, and all of our prices include VAT. Our standard sized doors are available for delivery within 3-7 working days. If you need help finding a door that is much larger or smaller than standard, call us to learn about our selection of bespoke offerings, or take a look at our French door sets.

Our doors and doorsets are supplied pre-finished and ready to hang, but without hardware. We understand that many of our customers have already chosen the hardware that they would like to use throughout their home, creating a consistent appearance from room to room. By not supplying hardware, we are able to keep the costs as affordable as possible for you.

Contact Us for Expert Advice

If you would like more information about the doors that we stock, advice about whether or not you need fire doors, or help to choose the correct size, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email, or give us a call. Our team of experts would be happy to help you find the perfect doors to match your interior design.

If you are looking for something a little different that will make your interior design stand out, Walnut is the logical choice. With doors starting from £138, there is something for every taste and budget. These stylish doors have a satisfying, heavy feel to them and they are sure to leave a lasting impression on your visitors.