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Solid 2-Panel Internal Doors

We offer a variety of 2-panel internal doors, all of which bring a timeless charm to your home. Prefinished options like the Louis Oak Door use a traditional design with raised moulding to create an elegant addition to your home. Options like the Marseille Oak Door uses central circular features to add an additional touch of character to your home.

Most of our solid 2-panel doors use engineered oak whose warm undertones can vary from reds to deep yellows. They help add warmth to any space in your home while their natural brightness will help liven up any room.

Glazed 2-Panel Internal Doors

As well as solid options, many of our 2-panel internal doors can swap your upper panel for glazing. The Marseille Oak door, for example, is available solid or with top glazing. We use toughened glass for all of our glazing so you can be sure it’s suitably durable and will last as long as your door itself.

Glazing is a great addition to your door if you want to let in more natural light or create more of a connection between rooms. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice privacy though as many of our 2-panel doors use frosted glass.

The advantages of Engineered Wood

Across our 2-panel door range, we use engineered wood. Engineered wood is made by creating a solid engineered core of bonded wood, this is then finished with a final layer of solid wood.

Engineered wood has become an increasingly standard choice for doors because of the many benefits it offers over a solid wooden door. Solid wooden doors are at risk of warping and splitting during temperature changes and with excessive moisturise or steam. This means they’re at high risk when used in kitchens and require regular treatment to keep them protected.

Engineered wood mimics the look of solid wood but the engineered core means it doesn’t have these drawbacks. You’ll also find engineered wood is a more budget-conscious option when choosing a door.

When it comes to fitting doors, many people prefer engineered wood as it is a lot less heavy which makes it easier to hang and it’s less likely to drag over time.

Prefinished and Unfinished 2 Panel Doors

Whether you want a door that’s ready to hang or have the perfect colour in mind, you’ll find a range of finishes available in our 2-panel door range.

What is a pre-finished door?

Pre-finished doors, like the Louis Oak door, have already been treated with a clear satin lacquer. This offers them protection against use and brings out the natural beauty of the wood. As soon as a pre-finished door arrives, it’s ready to be hanged.

What is an unfinished door?

Unfinished doors are the perfect choice if you have a very specific finish in mind for your door. Many of our doors come unfinished as standard, like the Andria oak door, as we find customers like to add their own finishing touch.

Unfinished doors are suitable to be painted, waxed or varnished giving you full control.

Standard Sized Doors With Customisation Options

As well as a wide range of standard sizes, our doors come with lipping that allows them to be slightly trimmed. This makes it easy to fit them to those slightly awkward door frame sizes without too much extra work.

FD30 Rated Fire Doors

We want to make sure that as well as providing you with a door that looks wonderful in your home, we keep your safety in mind. Many of our 2-panel doors are available as FD30 rated fire doors. FD30 rated fire doors guarantee to stop smoke and fire for a minimum of 30 minutes giving you time to safely exit the building.

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