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Living room door buying guide

The right internal door can transform your space. Here's what you need to consider while browsing our selection:

Choose your living room door material

The first decision you'll need to make is what material you want your new living room door to be made of:

  • Ash - In addition to the absolutely gorgeous colours available, our ash internal doors are lightweight, strong and shock-resistant; perfect for regular use.
  • Laminate - If you're a fan of a natural aesthetic then a laminate living room door is a great option as you'll see the wood grain effect that's unique to each door.
  • Oak - If you need something that will trap heat throughout those chilly winter days but still allow your home to cool during summer, all with a classic feel, then an oak living room door is for you.
  • Pine - Similar to laminate, you'll see all of those gorgeous knots in these hardy and durable doors.
  • Sapele - These should be your go-to if you're craving an elegant and luxurious finish to your living room. The intensely dark wood is absolutely stunning.
  • Walnut - Another fantastic option if you're looking for a darker coloured door that oozes extravagance without a hefty price tag.

In addition to looking absolutely stunning, each option comes with its own benefits.

Glazing options for internal doors

Once you've settled on a material, your next step is to choose your glazing.

Opting for internal glazed doors allows natural light to seep through into the space beyond, brightening your home's interior.

You have numerous glazing options when you shop with us, including bevelled, clear, frosted, smoked and more. Of course, you could also opt for solid panels and bypass the glass panels entirely.

Ready-to-hang or ready for your finishing touch?

If you want to add your own stamp, we highly recommend opting from an unfinished door. You can then stain, or paint it to your specifications, giving you the chance to create something truly unique.

If you want to paint the door but aren't sure about the best primer to use for your chosen living room door, we also have some primed options ready to be painted.

However, if you're looking for something in fantastic condition that can be hung without any additional treatment, we stock fully finished internal doors in various styles to complement any space.

Why shop with Vivid Doors?

At Vivid Doors, we stock a comprehensive range of internal doors in numerous styles and materials perfect for your living space.

We only stock doors from well-known, reputable brands such as Climadoor, XL Joinery, Deanta and more, so you can depend on the quality you're investing in.

More than that, we are so confident in the quality of the interior doors we stock that we have a ten-year manufacturing guarantee.

You can also take advantage of our free delivery when you spend £750 or more with us.

Browse our range of traditional and modern internal doors, perfect to finish off your living room space.