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Our black internal doors come prefinished to the highest standard. This is definitely not a case of style over substance.

You may think that a black door would mask the beauty of the crafted timber – but it is actually the opposite. The grain of the wood is enhanced by the colour – accentuating the beauty of the timber. Japanese interior design often features black furniture and doorways.

If you are worried that a black interior door would make a room seem darker or smaller – think again. Our elegant black internal doors also come in glazed options – whether it be a small window in the door or large panels of glass – the black acts as a beautiful frame to the light cascading through, creating a wonderful contrast.

You may already be ahead of the trend and have black framed bifold doors leading out to the garden – so why not mirror this design with adjoining rooms to complete the look.

So if your existing internal doors are looking a bit tired and dated, why not go for something a bit more exciting – make a bold style statement with striking new black internal doors to extract gasps of delight from visitors. Go a step further and match smaller details in a bathroom or a kitchen, such as black taps/shower heads and other fittings – these small details will make the main colour palette of a room pop. Pastel walls with black accents look very contemporary.