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Showing 1–12 of 72 results

Our internal black doors come prefinished to the highest standard. So if your existing doors are looking a bit tired and dated, why not go for something a bit more exciting – make a bold style statement with striking new black interior doors to extract gasps of delight from visitors.

Black Interior Doors – Styles to Suit Every Home

People often ask are black interior doors trendy? But we’re not always comfortable with the word trendy. A trend can come and go, but our black internal doors will last for years as stylish additions to your home.

There’s no need to worry that such a dramatic colour will mask the natural beauty of the crafted timber either. The grain of the wood in our timber veneers is actually enhanced by the colour, accentuating the rich depth it brings.

Black Panel Doors

A flat black internal door can feel almost intense, but our extensive range of black internal panel doors have a little more definition to soften their appearance.

From gentle woodgrain textures to the raised moulding and intricate ‘cricket bat’ design of our Knightsbridge black doors our black internal doors have plenty of detail to keep our doors sleek and stylish.

Black Glazed Doors

If you’re looking to completely contrast dark and light, the industrial stylings of the glazed options in our range could be for you. The contrast of timber frame on glass makes it an excellent choice for adding understated detail to modern, minimalist interior increasing light flow to make your living space feel bigger.

Black is an incredibly versatile colour but black doors and door frames are a standout feature in Japanese interior design. Our Slimline Shaker-Style Glazed Doors and our Liberty Clear Glass doors, both feature thin grid pattern frames that echo the iconic shoji style screen door. Perfect to create an extra sense of authenticity for a Japanese inspired design.

A Wide Range of Black Internal Door Sizes

All our black internal doors are available in a selection of standard door sizes. You should be able to find a door that fits your doorframe among our range.

However, if you have a door opening that is a little awkward, all our doors also have a solid timber lipping that can be trimmed down.

Alternatively, we do offer a bespoke service, though these orders will take longer to be delivered.

Black Interior Doors With A Choice of Cores

Our internal black doors come in a choice of either middle-weight or heavyweight.

Both of these door designs feature high-quality veneers sandwiched around cores made of engineered wood. The difference between them is how dense that wood is packed.

With a solid-core door (heavyweight) you get a more robust door that provides extensive, heat insulation and sound protection but it does cost more. A semi-solid core (middleweight) will keep some of these insulating properties, but because the core is not so dense, it won’t perform as well.

Fully Finished Black Doors

We offer all our black interior doors in your choice of finish. Our prefinished doors are delivered completely ready to hang. They do cost a little more, but many people will consider the convenience worth it.

Plus the high-quality finish we provide will last for years, looking great and protecting your door.

Primed Black Doors

If you want a little more flexibility in your finish, we also offer primed doors. These doors can then be painted or varnished to suit your design style, making them perfect for anyone who wants a particular or unique look.

Black Laminate Doors

Available in a range of colours including black, our range of Internal laminate doors is one of our most popular.

Low maintenance and durable, their robust finish is easy to clean making these an excellent choice for busy and pet-owning families.

Black Internal Fire Doors

Internal fire doors are an important safety addition to any home. They can stop fire from escaping a room for up to 30 mins and are recommended for use in any doorway that leads into a kitchen.

With the Vivid range of stylish black fire-rated doors, you get this safety without having to sacrifice the look of your home.

What Colour Should Internal Doors Be?

There is no set colour for interior doors. It’s all about suiting the interior decor scheme that you’ve designed. Whether you want internal painted doors, oak doors, or unfinished doors you can match completely to your own home, our range at Vivid Doors will have many potential options.

Support With Your Purchase

If you need help narrowing down your choices, you can always contact our customer care team for advice and support. They can answer all your questions around sizing, ordering and even aftercare.