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Bi Folding Doors FAQ, Advice and Tips

If you’re considering some bi fold doors, it’s always good to make sure you’ve done your research. There are bound to be some reservations when it comes to a decision like this. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. Chances are, we’ve heard these questions all before so we’re going to go through the most common ones now! If you’re on the fence or need some more info to make your decision, then have a read and all will become clear!

How Much Do Bi Folding Doors Cost?

The first question on most people’s minds is how much are a set of bi folding doors going to set you back? Obviously, this will range from the size to where you are buying them. The factors that go into the price of bi folding doors are the size, the materials, the energy rating, glazing and colour choice. There’s plenty of variables in play so first you need to identify what you want from your doors. Think about the materials, its position and what their purpose shall be before you start shopping. We recommend that you do this anyway so the whole process goes smoothly and everything has been accounted for.

If you’re shopping around, the normal going price for bi folding doors is around £1,200 – £1,600 per linear metre plus VAT. At Vivid Doors, external bi fold doors start at £969. Internal bi fold doors start at £599.

You should never have to pay for your bi folding doors in one payment. In most cases, a deposit will be required and then the rest will be paid in instalments/upon completion.

How Do Bi Folding Doors Work?

External and Internal bi folding doors both use a straightforward tracking system to open and close. The tracking system runs along the panels connected via a train. The doors, by name and nature, fold in on themselves and a series of wheels or a lower tracking system allows the doors to glide open and closed. By adopting a series of wheels, the doors open easily and quietly. An added bonus of this track system is that the doors can open inwards or outwards, adding to their simplicity. Bi folding doors generally come in pairs but as they’re fairly modular, they can be customised to the design of your home. The personalised nature of bi folding doors is what’s making them such a hit with homeowners. It also helps that they’re easy to use and look really smart!

Open up your dining room with some external bi fold doors.
Open up your dining room with some external bi fold doors.


Are Bi Folding Doors A Good Idea?

Almost always, yes! Bi folding doors, both internal and external, offer flexibility, simplicity and add a touch of class. They can be used throughout the home to connect your kitchen to your living room to your dining room and so on. External bi folding doors have some great functions. First and foremost, the views! Bi folding doors, especially when installed to take up most of a wall, frame your views spectacularly. It allows for natural light to flood the home and brings the outdoors inside and vice versa. There have been some absolutely breath-taking applications of bi folding doors. They really allow you to get creative as they can completely transform your home.

They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colours and styles. So even if you’re not looking for a complete transformation, you’ll be able to find some that fit right in. If you have some DIY experience, they’re also easy to install yourself. They’re even easier to clean! Bear in mind to only install them yourself if you’re sure you can.

Are Bi Folding Doors Secure?

There’s a misconception that you have to sacrifice on security to accommodate for bi folding doors. External bi folding doors are amongst the most secure external doors you can get. Make sure you opt for a decent locking system. If you are planning on getting multiple panels, go for a locking system that locks in several places, instead of one. You can also ensure that the door frames and glass are strong. Reinforced glass is available and there’s always the option of an alarm or camera if you want that peace of mind. If you need some help deciding what locking system to get, have a look at the police-sponsored ‘Secured By Design’ standards. Go for insurance-recognised locks and note that the weakest point of a lock is the cylinder. So checking the cylinders of the locks is a good idea. If privacy is an issue, consider dressing the doors with curtains or blinds so your house isn’t on display!


What Sizes Do Bi Folding Doors Come In?

Bi folding doors come in a number of sizes and are designed to fit holes that 1.8m or bigger. They mostly tend to range from two to seven panels. These panels can be configured to your needs.

Standard door sizes are as follows:
• 1800mm9015589770_deea92c79b_b
• 2100mm
• 2400mm
• 2700mm
• 3000mm
• 3600mm
• 4200mm
• 4800mm

Be sure to use mm instead of cm when measuring the doors. Although these are small margins they’re important for energy performance and security. The standard door height is 2095mm. If you aren’t sure of the size of your door opening, get someone in to measure it. Or take a whack at it yourself:

How to Measure Door Size
1. Get a large spirit level. You should have a solid idea of where you want your doors to go by now. With the spirit level, measure the corners of the aperture. Ensure these corners are 90 degrees and level with each other.
2. Measure the width and height three times. Deduct 10mm off of the smallest measurement to get the height of your door. The opening size of your door is the width and height minus 10-15mm. If the size of your aperture does not comply with the standard door sizes of your chosen retailer, you will have to go for a custom build.
3. Make sure there is space in the room you intend the door to be installed in for it to move. You need to allow for tracks and the threshold. This is why we encourage thorough planning for bi folding doors.

Hopefully this answers any burning questions you may have about bi folding doors. They’re secure, they’re simple and they’re functional. Look online at websites like Pinterest to see how other people have installed and dressed their bi folding doors. You’ll see just how versatile they are and how they could transform your home!


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