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DIY Moroccan Décor

As we’re currently in the midst of a surprisingly bright and warm (fingers crossed) summer, it might be time to start thinking about redecorating. Instead of opting for the conventional beige tones us Brits are infamous for, why not reflect this glorious weather by experiment with some designs that will bring a taste of exotic African glamour to your abode. Injecting a little Moroccan style into your home can really help accentuate the summer sunshine, and because Moroccan designs are so elegantly simple, there’s no need to spend hundreds on new furniture. The phrase “DIY” might strike fear into the hearts of many men and women, but the beauty of Moroccan design is its simplicity, which means knocking up your own Hookah den should be a piece of cake for even the most hesitant amongst you. The common characteristics of Moroccan décor involve bold colours (dark reds, browns and bright blues), extravagant pattern work and lots of elaborate fabrics, but what approach you take will depend on the room you’re decorating, your budget, your skill level, and your own specific tastes. Here we’ll take you through a few simple, but effective Moroccan DIY ideas room-by-room, hopefully catalysing a few of your own ideas in the process.

Dining Room

In Moroccan culture, (as is the case in many Eastern countries) people tend to eat at short tables sitting on the floor. So to give your family and your guests a real taste of what it might be like to dine out in a North African restaurant, lay down a heavily patterned rug and bring the coffee table into the dining room. Arrange some of your most comfortable cushions and throw a few bright drapes or heavy curtains across the windows and cook up some spicy couscous (the dish so nice they named it twice), and you’ll have built yourself a genuine Moroccan dining room in minutes.

Moroccan Dining Room

Living Room

The living room is (by its very nature) the room in which you’ll be spending most of your time (your home time at least), so completely refitting it as a Moroccan den is probably out of the question. Consider something a little more subtle, like this Moroccan style wall stencil.

Moroccan Living Room

Rugs and cushions are very much at the forefront of Moroccan décor, so you could also try adding a vintage rug to your living room, draping your three-piece suite with a few exotic throw rugs, and adding colourful, fluffy cushions and pillows. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also make the room feel that touch more comfortable. If that seems a little ‘drastic’, however, you could try a more refined approach by using different shades of brown and gold. The living room captured below is a perfect example of a less extravagant Moroccan style living room.

Moroccan Living Room


Moroccan bathrooms are incredibly rich and inviting places, with extravagant tiling and lavish fittings. Of course, we’re not expecting you to completely refit your bathroom, but you can add just a hint of Morocco by adding mosaic tiling to your sink. The picture below shows a typical Moroccan bathroom sink, and whilst the pattern might look complex, tiling is actually quite a straightforward process. All you need is a trowel, some grout, the tiles themselves, and a fair amount of patience.

Moroccan Bathroom


Bedrooms are all about soft fabrics, so it’s the perfect room to experiment with a Moroccan theme. The soft canopy, hanging lanterns and lush cushions of the bedroom pictured below are ideas that are easy to implement, but look genuinely stunning. Best of all; it’s such a cost-effective style to implement.

Moroccan Bedroom


Of course, whatever the room, you can always add just a hint of Morocco by adding an accessory or two. This could be anything from an ornate candle holder to custom-made tile coasters and vases. Below we’ve included just a few images that should get your own creative juices flowing.





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