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Creative Ideas for Over Door Christmas Card Displays

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The festive season is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time to start decorating! Well, maybe not quite yet…

You may start receiving Christmas cards from loved ones soon, but how do you display the cards at home? Do you place them over your fireplace? Incorporate them into your Christmas tree? Or, perhaps you get so many that every bare surface in your home is covered with them.

When showing off the Christmas cards that you’ve received, have you ever thought about displaying them on your doors? Internal doors are blank canvases that many people forget to decorate. There are a lot of ways that you can use your door space to display your Christmas cards; you can stick them on using non-abrasive tape and hang them in a vertical line from the top.

How do you Hang Christmas Cards on a String?


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The easiest method for this would be to purchase some standard string and adhere it to the top of the door (usually the edge although make sure that you can still close the door properly). You can secure it using tape or a pin. If you don’t want the cards to bang against your door when opening and closing it, then use some blu-tac every 30cm to stick the string to the face of the door.

Once you’ve secured your string, you can then stick your cards to it. For this, blu-tac is a pretty efficient way however, if you have some small craft pegs, these make a much prettier effect and complement the rustic string design. You might even find some cute festive-themed pegs to really add to the Christmas spirit. Remember: if you use pegs that are too big, you may find that the cards will slide down the string. If this happens, you could stick a small blob of blu-tac (or white-tac, if you have it) just under the peg. If your blu-tac is small enough, you won’t see it.

Hanging Christmas Cards using Ribbons

Similar to the string method, using ribbon can also be a great way to hang Christmas cards on your doors. In fact, some may say that ribbon is slightly better as you can purchase some lovely Christmas-themed ribbon.

Unspool the ribbon until it’s long enough to sit comfortably along the length of your door. We’d recommend that you shorten the ribbon ever so slightly as the cards at the bottom of the door are more likely to fly off due to foot traffic.

Stick the ribbon to the door using blu-tac to prevent the cards from hitting the door. Attach your cards to the ribbon using blu-tac or pegs. As ribbon is wider than string, you could also use double-sided tape to adhere the cards to it. Double-sided tape is a lot stronger than blu-tac so your cards will stay correctly placed for much longer.

Another way to do this is to use an over-door hanger and attach ribbons to the hooks. This way your cards can dangle freely and you’ll minimise any potential damage or marking to the surface of the door.

Ready-made Card Holders


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Day 22 Fave Decoration – I found this really difficult but I think my favourite is our card display which obviously changes each year and reminds me of all our wonderful friends and family. One card we look forward to each year is a 3D one handmade by one of our choir friends – always such an amazing festive creation #favedecoration #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #christmascards #christmascarddisplay #festivedecor #myhousethismonth #newinteriorsontheblock #photochallenge #interiorandhome #interiorblogger #interiorstyle #homestyledecor #homeinspiration #instahomes #interiordesign #interiorstyling #myhouseindecember #decemberphotochallenge #mystylishspace #pocketofmyhome #myinteriorvibe #barkersathome @myhousethismonth @littlehouseinlondon @__itslucy__ @daniellelouisedoughty @earthbornpaints @tinkertailoronline

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Ready-made card holders are a great way to display your Christmas cards. Around the Christmas season, cardholders will be designed with a Christmas theme which adds a lovely Christmas cheer to your door.

As card holders are a lot bigger and thicker than using string or ribbon, you can really make us of the blank space on your door.

Depending on the type of cardholder that you buy, it may be easier for you to attach the cardholder to your door by popping a pin into the wood. If you don’t want to cause any permanent damage to your door, you can use either blu-tac or double-sided tape.

Cardholders are the best way to ensure that your Christmas cards aren’t falling off or slipping down. They have slots in the material that allows you to simply slot your card into the hole. The downside to cardholders is that the full card isn’t visible unless you lift it out of its pouch.

Hanging Christmas Cards using Blu-Tac

Blu-tac can be used for many things, and displaying Christmas cards is one of them. You can use blu-tac to adhere your cards to string, as mentioned above. But, you can also use it to stick your cards directly to the door and its frame.

To use blu-tac to display your cards, simply get a small ball of blu-tac and push it into the back of the card. You can then stick the card to the door by placing the card in the desired place and pushing on the card firmly. To ensure that the card doesn’t fall when opening or closing the door, you can stick a small amount of blu-tac to each corner of the card.

The oils in blu-tac can sometimes leave marks on wooden doors which is a downside to this method. It’s recommended for use on non-porous surfaces so you’re probably better using blu-tac on a door painted with gloss paint.

Creating a Festive Background with your Christmas Cards


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As people often forget to decorate their doors over the Christmas period, a great way to incorporate the festive cheer into your card display is to create a festive background with them.

By strategically placing your Christmas cards, you can create things like a Christmas tree or a Christmas wreath on your internal doors.

Alternatively, if you want to get extra festive, you can get a piece of green felt and cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree. Stick the felt to your entire door using blu-tac or double-sided tape and then you can display your Christmas cards within the felt. The best way to attach your cards to the felt is by using double-sided tape or pins.

As we head into the Christmas period, many people across the world will be decorating their homes in time for the festive celebrations. What many people tend to forget, is that the doors inside our homes are great for displaying Christmas cards, wreaths and festive drawings.

With so much blank space, over door Christmas card displays are definitely a great place to start.

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