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Bifold Doors: The ‘How To’ Resource

interior bifold doors

When looking to seek out some help with your bifold doors, whether it’s to find the right size or level your bifold doors, a great way to find quick advice is to look for some ‘how to’ tutorials online.

The internet is filled with great advice for DIY and learning how to maintain bifold doors, but sometimes there can be too many articles, guides and video tutorials to choose from. This is why we’ve put together this bifold doors how to resource together.

We’ve scoured the internet and collected some of the best, straight forward and most easy-to-follow video guides for bifold doors and gathered them in one place so you don’t have to.

How to Adjust a Bifold Door

If your bi-folding door isn’t opening or closing correctly, or your doors aren’t correctly aligned and you have some uneven gaps in the doors, then it’s likely that your doors just need to be adjusted slightly. This can be done using just a screwdriver at home by yourself or with the help of a friend.

Check out this useful video about how to adjust your bifold doors. This tutorial shows you how to level bifold doors and get them aligned again, what to do if your doors come off the track and some other useful tricks and tips.

How to Baby Proof Bifold Doors

If you’ve got young children or toddlers that are starting to walk around and explore the house, you’ve probably already taken measures to childproof your home. If you’re wondering how to childproof your bifold doors so your kids can’t open them and take a look at what’s on the other side, it really couldn’t be simpler.

In this video you’ll learn how you can easily baby proof bifold doors in one step using a slide lock, keeping your doors closed and your children safe.

How to Cut Down a Hollow Bifold Door

Should you be looking to have new flooring installed into a room, or recently have done, then a result can be that the new floor is taller than the previous one and your doors need trimming to smoothly pass over the newly raised floor.

The technique is this video shows how to cut a standard hollow-core door, but the principal can be applied when you want to learn how to cut bifold doors too.

How to Determine Bifold Door Size

When it comes to replacing existing bifold doors, you’ll need to ensure that you correctly measure the size of your bifold doors to determine which size doors you’ll need to replace them. Getting accurate measurements is essential to be confident that your doors will fit correctly.

This guide shows you how to measure an interior bifold doors, so you know can be sure you correctly know how to determine bifold door size when upgrading your doors.

How to Fit an Internal Bifold Door

Once you’ve got your new bifold doors home, you’ll need to install them. If you’re not paying for installation, you’ll need to be sure that you know how to correctly fit an internal bifold door so you can be confident that your doors will be secure and work properly.

This is a really useful tutorial that slowly walks you through the steps of installing a bifold door. Many people wonder what the difference is between how to hang a bifold door and how to install a bifold door, the answer is that they’re both the same, so this video covers both queries.

How to Install Door Knobs on Bifold Doors

Once you’ve got your bifold doors in place, you’ll probably want to add a door knob so you can open and close them easier. Installing a door knob to a bifold door is really easy, all you need is a drill, a screw and a door knob. Simply drill the screw through the door and add the door knob.

If you want to see how it’s done, check out the video Adding a Door Know to a Bi-Fold Door below.

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