Stormproof Casement Windows

Our truly stormproof casement windows are a must for keeping out the driving rain and high winds – especially for properties in coastal or otherwise exposed areas. 

High quality durable timber construction keeps out water. This coupled with our high performance thermal efficient glazing, will keep you cosy all year round.

Noise Insulation and Thermal efficiency

Stormproof windows serve the obvious purpose of keeping out the wind and rain during stormy weather, but they also have other benefits. Thermal efficiency is important in all windows, but perhaps more so if you live in an area prone to storms. Another part of storm insulation is noise cancelation. The noise of a storm can also be an issue, especially if the wind is howling through gaps and seals. With our stormproof casements windows, you can enjoy the peace of your home whilst feeling safe, secure and comfortable.

Why Choose Stormproof Casement Windows?

Weather Proof

Never worry about leaking seals or rot setting in.

Thermal Efficiency

Even more important in stormproof casement windows, thermal efficiency is optimal.


Pre-finished in a colour of your choice.