Softwood Windows

Softwood is slightly easier to work, and so offers more flexibility in terms of carving and creating custom shapes. As most softwood frames would be painted, the fine texture of softwood makes this an ideal surface for a smooth finish.

A Great Finish

Where hardwood tends to have a beautiful natural finish, softwood windows provide a great surface for painting and different finishes, and are therefore ideal for period properties with fittings such as sash windows.

All of our softwood windows are strengthened in construction and treated and preserved to protect against the weather, making them just as tough as our hardwood windows.

Vivid Doors are proud to offer a full range of bespoke softwood timber windows in many styles including flush casement windows, stormproof casement and traditional sliding sash window designs.

All our timber windows come pre glazed with high efficiency double glazing and are fully spray finished from the factory, and with high security locking mechanisms to give you great security.

Why Choose Softwood Windows?


Softwood is versatile and easy to work with, making those bespoke, made to measure requirements easy to construct.

Excellent Finish

The fine texture of softwood windows allows for a smooth uniform finish when painted.

Responsibly Sourced

Softwood comes from fast growing trees, making it easy to source the wood responsibly.