Hardwood Windows

Hardwood comes from slower growing trees, providing a tighter grained wood that gives superb durability and longevity.

Windows Made to Last

Hardwood Timber Windows are extremely tough and durable due to the close knit grain of the wood. These windows will provide excellent weather protection and have fantastic insulating properties. Paired with our fantastic double glazing, you have optimal thermal efficiency that will last a lifetime.

Our expertly constructed hardwood timber frames will not warp with age and are resistant to rot and decay – treated to create an impenetrable barrier to the elements. Oak is a popular choice of hardwood and has been used in centuries-old constructions that still stand today.

Hardwood often provides the most beautiful grain and is usually treated with a natural finish to showcase this. However, our hardwood frames can also be painted or stained with colourfast treatments to enhance their beauty.

Not only do our hardwood windows look great, but they feature high-security locking mechanisms to keep your home safe and secure.

Our superior quality hardwood frames are available as flush casement windows, stormproof casement and traditional sliding sash windows. All of our timber hardwood windows come pre-glazed with high efficiency double glazing and are fully spray finished from the factory.

Why Choose Hardwood Windows?

Made to Measure

All of our hardwood windows can be made to measure, crafted to fit custom shapes and awkward spaces. Just ask.

Thermal Efficiency

The great insulating properties of timber, combined with our thermal efficient double glazing will keep your home cozy and keep the bills down.

Added Value

Superior quality hardwood windows will undoubtedly add value to your property.