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What better way to compliment your carefully designed interior than with beautifully constructed oak doors. Oak often conjures images of large chunky rustic crafted pieces, but it is a fantastic material for creating refined and detailed doors. You may pay more for oak internal doors, but it is infinitely worth it for the beautiful colour and finish it affords you.

We use American white oak or European oak, both of which can be worked particularly well. Our solid oak internal doors come in a variety of styles and finishes, from traditional doors with raised mouldings to flush and contemporary oak doors. With the additional option of toughened glass the possibilities are endless.

Stains and finishes take well to oak, especially products such as wax and lacquer. White oak is especially smooth due to the grain, and doesn’t require any filling before painting.

Interior doors have to stand the test of time in terms of everyday use. Children and animals can soon take their toll on doors, but oak will last for years due to the hardness of the timber. With the correct care and maintenance these doors should last a lifetime - once again proving a great investment. Oiling the wood regularly protects your oak doors from drying out and warping due to central heating in your home.