Different Uses for Internal French Doors

Internal French doors offer are a stunning way to connect spaces – they offer flexibility and convenience, and allow you to separate areas while not sacrificing space when you need it. They are commonly used for conservatories and patios, but they will work just as well in most other spaces and can help to make rooms feel bigger and more welcoming.

Natural light helps rooms feel more spacious, and French doors traditionally have large glass panels that let light flood through them. This helps create the illusion of more space, by allowing light to flood into the room. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the best places in your home to use French doors.

Internal French Doors for the Bedroom

French doors are a good addition to a bedroom, especially the master bedroom. Typically, people would want privacy in their bedroom, and would want the room to be nice and dark on a night time – but that doesn’t mean French doors aren’t an option (although you will probably want to choose solid rather than glazed French doors!)

Alternatively, you could choose standard French doors, and hang curtains over the panels to provide privacy and block out light when needed. Choosing flowy curtains that match the main window treatments can give your room a lovely put-together feel, and add a touch of luxury to the decor.

Bedrooms typically have openings that are suitable for a single standard door, but as long as the wall is a simple internal dividing wall and not a structural wall, extending the opening to fit French doors should be a relatively quick, easy and low-cost task.

Internal French Doors for a Home Office

If you are seeking inspiration for ways to brighten up your study or home office, then French doors could be a wise choice. The era of the dark and dull study is long gone. Modern offices are bright, clean and spacious – after all, the main requirements for a nice office are a comfortable chair and a clear workspace for a laptop, with perhaps some books on display as well.

A set of internal French doors can make your study more welcoming and inviting. That said, if you need quiet when you work, then make sure that you choose thick, robust doors that will block out sound. A set of high quality 40mm thick doors should do the trick!

Internal French Doors for the Bathroom

The bathroom is one area where many homeowners neglect their doors and interior decor in general. This is understandable since it’s a room that is largely functional, but you can do a lot to make it a more relaxing place to spend time.

French doors are ideal for improving accessibility, too. If you have an elderly person living in your home, or someone who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid, then having a bigger door opening could make it easier for them to get around.

Of course, privacy matters a lot for bathrooms. Standard French doors with clear glass aren’t ideal for this room (although curtains or blinds could help). If space and accessibility are your primary motivation for choosing French doors, then you may appreciate the solid door options that are on the market. If you like the idea of letting some light into the room, but still want privacy, then bubbled or etched glazing is a good choice. With this type of glazing, passers-by cannot see through the windows clearly (or, with some designs, cannot see anything at all with a passing glance), because the etching filters the light well – but you still get the benefits of having a brighter room.

Interior French Doors for Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are one area of the home where French Doors have been a popular choice for many years. A large dining room is going to be used to entertain the whole family, and fitting internal French doors is helpful because it makes it easy for the hosts to move in and out of the room while serving food. It also means that the doors can be fully opened to create an “open plan” feel.

For more formal occasions, where you want a quiet meal for the adults while the children are playing in the den, simply close the doors and enjoy the privacy. Just make sure your Internal French doors are safe and secure if younger children are around. 

Sunlight is important for our wellbeing. The natural glow of the sun helps to improve your mood and boost your feeling of wellbeing. So, why sit in a dark room all day, or under a fluorescent or halogen bulb? Use French doors to connect rooms in your home and let light flow from one room to the next. You’ll feel happier and more energised, and it will make your home more inviting for guests too.