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Strong & Secure Doors

A key advantage of hemlock is as it ages, it gets tougher which is why it is such a great substitute for oak. External doors can often be targeted as a weak entry point for your home and so choosing a material that increases in strength is a great way to reinforce your security.

Unlike its counterparts, it is easily worked with a range of power tools and provides excellent grip for screws, which is why it is a favourite for tradespeople and a great option for an external door.

Aesthetic Hemlock Doors

Any external door is the very first thing anyone visiting your home is likely to see and first impressions count! Hemlock is naturally a light reddish brown colour and has visibly defined growth rings which make for an unique pattern for your doors. A key aspect to consider is whether you want to stain or even coat your doors, as when stained or coated, hemlock is a perfect option.

Customised To Your Style

There are an endless number of customisable options when it comes to doors and hemlock is no different. We offer a range of options both glazed and glazed, so we have something for every home. If you can’t see the door you’d like, contact us and we can help find the perfect door for you.