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Whether you're looking to create an elaborate, hardwood grand entrance door with sidelights or an elegant, stylish main entrance, first impressions really do count and a beautiful hardwood door, whether solid panel, or glazed - can make all the difference.

Vivid Doors has a huge collection of front doors, back doors, oak door sets, and door pairs to choose from in our hardwood range of exterior doors so peruse our superb collection. Our hardwood external double and triple glazed entrance doors come with beautiful glazing designs, with matching sidelights, individually tailored to suit your home.

All our hardwood glazed, or solid external doors are heavyweight in feel, with many sizes and designs to choose from. They are supplied unfinished as standard, so are an ideal solution, for refurbishment projects, where they can be decorated to suit the decor of your choice.

Refresh the Image of Your Home

Create a lasting first impression and enhance your home’s “kerb appeal” with an entranceway that shows off your personality and gives a hint at what could lie across the threshold. First impressions matter, and with a beautiful hardwood door you can ensure that you send exactly the message that you want to.

We have a range of elegant and stylish doors, simple, solid panel entrances, and glazed doors with contemporary or traditional looks. We have front doors, back doors and sets/pairs in a huge number of different styles. Our glazed doors include double and triple glazed options, with designs ranging from simple frosted glass to more ornate styles, including stained glass, with matching sidelights. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you are working on a new build or just doing some refurbishment, we are sure that you will find the perfect door in our collection. These hardwood doors are heavyweight in feel and they come in a huge number of different styles. They are unfinished as standard, so that you can stain or paint them to match the rest of your house.

Doors to Suit Any Budget and Taste

Our selection of solid hardwood doors starts with basic designs costing just £150 including VAT, and has something for any budget and to suit most styles of property. The doors come with a ten year’s manufacturer’s guarantee. Most doors are supplied with 12mm solid hardwood door lippings, allowing you to trim them down to fit your existing frame perfectly. They also come with a “Care and Maintenance of External Doors” guide, which explains how to prepare the door for installation, and how to care for it in the long term to enhance its lifespan.

We stock doors manufactured by a number of top quality companies, including LPD and XL Joinery. These hardwood products have a timeless appearance, and will suit modern apartments, rustic cottages, and everything in between.

All of the doors are made to comply with current UK Building Regulations, and are robust and secure. They are supplied without hardware, so that you can choose your own to match the rest of the property, creating a consistent, smooth and stylish look throughout.

Add the Finishing Touches

Our sidelights can help to let a little extra light flow into your porch or lobby, or can be used to make a door fit a slightly larger than normal opening. They can also turn a simpler pattern into something that looks like an imposing, elegant grand entrance.

We supply doors for individual homeowners, as well as for tradespeople and developers, so whether you are looking for one or two doors for your home, or for stock for a bigger project, be sure to take a look at our selection. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to email us at or contact our customer service team on 01246 380 283. Our advisors will be happy to discuss your needs and help you to pick out the perfect product.

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