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How to Increase Natural Light in a Home for a Bright and Spacious Feel

Are you tired of living in a dark property? Do you long for more natural light flooding through your home? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners grapple with the challenge of brightening up their living spaces, but fear not, for there are plenty of solutions available. In this guide, we’ll shed light on how to banish the darkness and invite sunshine into your house, one step at a time.

The Benefits of Natural Light

Before we jump in, it’s worth considering why more light is so important in your home. There’s more to it than just the way your home looks. It can boost your mood and energy too. Here are the main advantages you’ll find:


Natural lighting can make rooms feel bigger, fresher and more uplifting. It helps to highlight the features of your room, making the most of your décor.

Energy Efficiency

When you boost natural light, there’s less need to use artificial light during the daytime. This can help you to improve energy efficiency and save on your electricity bills.

The Feel Good Factor

Natural light exposure boosts serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ hormone, in your brain, enhancing mood stabilisation and communication between brain regions. This can improve mental health and cognitive function, making you feel more alert and energised.

Energy Levels

Research by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology reported increased energy among workers exposed to natural light, compared to those under artificial lighting. Maximising natural light exposure, especially in work environments, may enhance productivity and wellbeing by elevating energy levels. If you work from home, creating a lighter and brighter environment could be especially beneficial.


Daylight also bolsters focus and regulates the circadian rhythm, contributing to better mental and physical health.

5 Ways to Get More Natural Light in Your Home

The good news is, there are some simple ways to maximize natural light that can quickly make your home feel like a brighter and happier place. Let’s take a look at some of the solutions.

1. Embrace the Power of Doors

As door experts, naturally we’d like to start here. We know that your choice of doors can make a world of difference in how much natural light permeates your home. They can make a space feel brighter and bigger, and they are a key element in helping light flow from room to room.

Glazed Doors

If you want a quick change that makes a big difference, consider swapping out solid doors for glazed ones. Glazed doors, with their glass panels, act as conduits for sunlight, effortlessly illuminating the rooms they connect.

Doors with glass will help to bring light from a bright room into a darker one, even when they’re kept closed. They offer a great way to make the most of incoming light rather than blocking it off.

Interior Room Dividers

Internal bifold doors are another fantastic option. These space-saving wonders fold neatly against the wall when open, allowing light to flow freely between rooms. They’re perfect for creating an open, airy feel while maximising natural light distribution.

French doors exude elegance and charm while serving as excellent light sources. With their expansive glass panels and timeless design, they fill your home with sunshine and style.

Using glass doors as room dividers opens up your space as well as improving the amount of natural light flowing in between different rooms of your house.

View our internal bifold doors and french doors.

Patio Doors

And let’s not forget patio doors, a gateway to the outdoors. Whether sliding or swinging, patio doors offer a seamless transition between indoor comfort and outdoor allure, all while bathing your home in daylight.

Adding patio doors into an existing wall is possible with accurate measurements, structural support and additional construction where necessary. But where possible, this can make a huge difference to the amount of light in a room.

2. Windows: Gateway to Sunshine

Windows play a pivotal role in capturing natural light. If your home feels dim and dreary, it might be time to reassess your windows. Opt for larger windows to maximise sunlight penetration. Picture windows, bay windows, or even floor-to-ceiling windows can work wonders in brightening up a space.

In darker rooms, try to avoid heavy curtains and keep things light. You could select sheer curtains if privacy isn’t your top priority, or remove window dressings completely.

Skylights are another ingenious way to usher in sunshine from above. Installed in the ceiling, these overhead windows flood rooms with natural light, creating an uplifting ambiance. Imagine lying back on your sofa, gazing up at the sky through a skylight, basking in the sun’s gentle glow.

3. Let There Be (Artificial) Light

While natural light is the holy grail, artificial lighting can complement and enhance it. Strategic placement of light fixtures like lamps, sconces, and overhead lights can fill in the gaps when daylight is lacking.

Choose light bulbs that mimic natural light to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Increase impact by placing them in areas that helps the light bounce off other surfaces and brighten the room. After all, you only have natural light coming in for certain hours of the day so you still need to consider other options to brighten dark rooms.

4. Reflect and Amplify

Mirrored surfaces are a great way to reflect light and increase its effects. Strategically placed mirrors can amplify natural light by bouncing it around the room.

Position them opposite windows or doorways to maximise their light-reflecting potential. It’s like adding a multiplier to your sunshine quotient!

5. The Power of Paint and Furniture

Colour plays a pivotal role in light absorption and reflection. Choose light, airy hues for your walls and ceilings to create an illusion of space and brightness. Whites, creams, and pastels are your best friends in this endeavour.

White reflects light which helps to make the most of its effects. Glossy finishes can also reflect natural light, making sure it creates more impact in your room.

When it comes to furniture, opt for pieces with a polished finish that creates reflective surfaces like glass or metal. They’ll bounce light around the room, amplifying its luminosity. Think of them as tiny mirrors working in harmony with your décor.

Basking in the Glow

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to illuminating your home with as much natural light as you can. By harnessing the power of doors, windows, skylights, artificial lighting, reflective surfaces, and strategic design choices, you can transform your dark and dreary home into a radiant sanctuary. It’s time to banish the shadows, embrace the sunshine, and enjoy the beauty of your brightened home.

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