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21 Famous Brand Slogans Get a Kindness Makeover

A successful brand slogan is a powerful thing. It has to be short, snappy and catchy – memorable enough that it jumps to mind when you’re faced with a sea of brand choices.

It also needs to inspire you, make you identify with the brand and convince you to spend your hard-earned money on them above any other. It even needs to show the brand in a good light so you know they (and their products) are worthy of your time -and your precious pennies!

Those are pretty big asks of some seriously short phrases. 

These days, a lot of famous brand slogans also incorporate a message of positivity. Something empowering. This can bring a boost to the casual observer – but often they’re a cynical ploy to get you to buy their products. They’re empowering you to make a purchase, not change the world. 

The Power of Words

But in the long dark month of January, we challenge ourselves with new year resolutions and we all need a bit of positive inspiration to spur us on. So we’ve decided to take some famous brand slogans and give them a well-being inspired makeover. 

We’ve sifted out the cynicism and the capitalist drive to spend, instead reimagining these famous brand slogans as inspirations to live better and be more mindful. Both of ourselves and for others.

We’ve added a few more zzz’s to the classic Amazon ‘From A-Z’ to remind you that a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep is a far more valuable gift than the latest gadget picked, packed and delivered within 24 hours. 

Harnessing the simplicity of Coca-Cola’s ‘Open Happiness’, we’ve updated their slogan to an equally simple, but far more impactful rule to live by. We’re not convinced that the secret to true happiness lies at the bottom of a Coke bottle, but we think ‘Open-mindedness’ is a sure-fire step towards a happier life.

After looking at Ikea’s message of adding a little magic to the mundane, we thought there was potential. But rather than apply ‘The Wonderful every day’ to a functional-but-basic Billy bookcase, we’ve added a little more introspection. After all, it never hurts to be reminded that YOU are wonderful. Every day.

We’ve teased a call for unity out of Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps’, tolerance from Skittles rainbow and authenticity from Youtube’s suggestion to ‘Broadcast Yourself’.

We’ve even reimaged Apple’s iconic slogan ‘Think Different’. Shifting the focus from ‘Thinking Different’ to ‘Thinking Careful’ we’ve kept the power of their demand while softening it into something much more supportive. 

Take a look below to see the full list of famous brand slogans reimagined…

Of course, X Box are encouraging you to unlock the next achievement or explore a new fantasy realm with their “Power your dreams” slogan, rather than realise your ambitions, which is how we would prefer to frame it. But if there is one thing we think, it’s that if you’re going to make only one resolution this year ‘fulfil your dreams’ is a pretty decent choice.

Want to share our creations in your own content? All hi-res versions of the images can be downloaded here. All we ask is that you credit Vivid Doors as the original source with a link back to this post.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with any of the brands mentioned and all images are for illustrative purposes only.

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