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Bi Folding Door Ideas for Your Home

Are you thinking of revamping your home? Are you redesigning or maybe you’re moving to a new house and are considering a new layouts? Bi folding doors are a great way to add light and space to your home.

One great thing about bi folding doors is they help blur the lines between inside and outside. They can complement your patio or decking really well and can allow for some excellent views. Not only do external bi folding doors transform your living space, they also apply to kitchens, bedrooms or anywhere in the house! We’re going to run you through some ideas of how you can use bi folding doors in your home that you can get inspired by and be creative with. Read on for some great tips…

Bi Folding Doors For Your Kitchen

Open up a corner of your house for a really striking feature.

The kitchen, the heart of the home, is a great place to deploy some bi folding doors. Not only can you get some very nice designs that vary in style and size, but they can save space. One of the first applications for some bi folding doors in your kitchen can be as an internal space divider. If you have an open-plan kitchen that combines with your lounge or dining room, you might want to seal off these rooms. Whether the motivation is for more privacy or maybe you want each section to have its own design/theme, bi folding doors are a great way to do this. If you’re hosting, you can close the doors to separate the diner from the kitchen. This allows for a more intimate dinner setting or keep them open for larger numbers to give more space to the area.

Also, think about how they can complement the existing design of your kitchen. Whether that be through their colour or if you choose wooden bi fold doors instead. You don’t have to disrupt the design and feel of your kitchen for bi folding doors.

Do you keep your washing machine and dryer in the kitchen or in a utility room next to the kitchen? You can stack them on top of each other and store them in a cupboard with a bi folding door. Reclaim some space and keep your design consistent. The same applies for any cabinets, cupboards or pantries.

Bi Folding Doors For Your Bedroom

When it comes to bi folding doors and the bedroom, the main thing to think about is space and concealing areas to give the room a more complete look. They’re excellent to use as little hidey-holes. For instance, if you have a TV at the foot of your bed, consider a cabinet with bi folding doors to give the semblance that you don’t lie in bed and watch TV all day! The same premise applies to any cabinets you may have anywhere in the home.

Wake up to a view!

A great idea for bi folding doors is to create a workspace without compromising the floor space of your room. Do you have a built-in cupboard that isn’t of much use or want to create one? By installing shelves with one at waist level and coming right up to the doors as a desk, the doors fold back, giving you a nice, hidden workspace. The best part? It doesn’t feel or look like you’re in a cupboard! If you like to separate work from play, this is perfect. Working in your place of rest can make it hard to dissociate when you’re finished. With a bi folding door workspace you can put it out of sight and out of mind.

You can also give yourself the feel of a walk-in closet with bi folding doors. If you have a whole wall of cupboard storage space and they are concealed by normal doors – consider installing bi fold doors across the whole thing. This will open up the whole wall. Perfect if you’re a room short of a walk-in closet!

Bi Folding Doors For Your Living Room

The living room is perhaps the area of the house with the most potential when it comes to bi folding doors. Especially if your lounge opens up to your garden or patio. Not only can we apply all the ideas that we’ve already discussed. For example, applying them as an internal space divider if you have an open-plan setting. Or maybe even creating an open-plan setting with bi folding doors in mind! Think about display cabinets or creating a hidey hole for the TV. This can add some class to your living area, give it a more rustic feel depending on the design, or just help the room come together. And of course, if you want quality time with loved ones, shut the cabinet and hide the key!

Perhaps the best application of bi folding doors and the one with the most scope to completely transform your living room are external bi fold doors. There a few things to bear in mind with external bi folding doors:

  • The flooring
  • How it combines with your outdoor space
  • The view

When applied effectively you can really open up your home, bringing the outdoors inside.

Flooring is really important for this. There are plenty of options whether that be for decking or tiles. Matching the interior flooring to the exterior, separated by bi folding doors, allows for the space to flow. It blurs the lines between your outdoor space and your living room. Think about applying them in a ‘no-wall wall’ fashion. This means having a wall consisting of or mostly consisting of bi folding doors. Come summertime, the opportunities for entertaining are rife. This also allows you to not be concerned about inclement weather. If you have kids, ensure that you have runners for your doors so that they are safe and easy to use.

This is a great example of blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors. Perfect for entertaining.

If you have a conservatory or garden room, it also means you don’t have to compromise on light. You can fill your living area with natural light with a set of strategically placed bi folding doors. Consider getting garden furniture that appears as though it could also belong indoors. Place it by the bi folding doors, this will help further blur the lines between inside and outside, giving a homely feel to your patio. Zoning the patio area will help give the impression of even more space. Introduce natural elements to your décor and furnishings to complement this notion of bringing the outdoors inside.

If you’re out in the countryside, make the most of your views as well. Not only do you not have to compromise on light, but you shouldn’t compromise on your views either. Frame your countryside vistas with bi folding doors and you can seriously bump up the value of your home. They could potentially pay for themselves! Don’t be alarmed if you have a timber feel in your house. There’s a great deal of choice so wooden-framed bi folding doors can complement your set-up or inspire you to change yours!

Don’t limit yourself to one wall either, complement a window’s aspect with bi folding doors in another wall. When placed at 90 degrees to each other, you can open up a corner of your house. This can look incredibly striking and is quite a niche feature to have in your home.

As you can see, there is a great deal of possibility with bi folding doors and they have many applications. The most drastic results will be seen with combining your indoor and outdoor space. Your home will feel much bigger and is a much cheaper alternative to an extension. Throughout the home, there are a number of uses for bi folding doors: conceal your workspace, create some hidey holes or give your bedroom a walk-in closet feel. Don’t forget to make sure that you’ve seen all the options available to you in terms of material and colour. These are subtle differences but ones that can make a real difference. Hopefully this has given you a better idea of how you could install some bi folding doors in your home. Get creative with it!


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