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  • How Do Keyless Door Locks Work?

    Technology is expanding. We’re seeing robots in Japan and self-driving cars appear in markets across the world – scary right? With our ever-growing technology, our safety features are becoming more robust, more protective and a lot smarter. With safety at the forefront of our door specifications, we decided to take a closer look into keyless […]

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  • What are Rebated Doors?

    Rebated doors have become extremely popular over recent years. They’re primarily used for internal double doors, however many households now use rebated doors for external use for their added security. Rebated doors allow you full control over the opening and closing of your doors. Their easy-to-control design means they’re perfect for replacing your patio doors. […]

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  • How to Repair and Prevent Door Rot

    door rot

    Rot is a problem that’s plagued timber for as long as human beings have been making things out of it. It’s especially troublesome in the case of doorways, which not only need to look great, but which also serve an important security function. Let’s take a look at rot in doors and how best to […]