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  • Front Door Q&A: Your Problems Solved

    front door

    Just about every building, almost by definition, will come with a front door of some sort. This is the primary point of entry to the interior, and it’s the first thing that new arrivals will see and use. This makes it incredibly important. To get the best from your front door, you’ll need to be […]

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  • How to Clean a White Door

    Among the most popular colour choices for both internal and exterior doors is probably classic white. It matches every interior, it’s easy to apply, and the paint is affordable. Moreover, uPVC doors tend to always come in glossy white – meaning that most patios have white doors leading to them. Among the downsides of white, […]

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  • How to Install a Front Door Camera

    front door camera

    Front door cameras are getting smaller and more affordable every year. They help to secure the home, see who’s calling when you aren’t in, and lower your insurance bill. Getting one installed doesn’t require professional help (though you’re free to go down that route if you’d prefer to keep things quick and convenient). If you’re […]

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  • What is a Smart Home?

    smart home

    A smart home is a home that contains devices that can be remotely regulated using a computer or smartphone. This new trend has transformed the way we think about our home appliances. This trend is towards interconnectedness – eventually, it seems, everything electrical we own will be able to talk to everything else. Such a […]