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6 Panel Oak Internal Doors

Oak is often favoured when choosing a door for its traditional appeal and enduring popularity. It’s been used for centuries and you’ll find oak beams across many period homes so oak always gives the impression of sophistication.

We offer 6-panel oak doors in traditional designs, like the Colonial Oak 6 Panel door, as well as more modern designs like the Coventry Oak 6 Panel Door. Oak tends to have warm undertones, from subtle ted tones to richer yellow tones, so they will add a feeling of cosiness to any room.

6 Panel Pine Internal Doors

Pine is a wonderful choice for homes that want to add an airy feeling. Pine is an especially bright wood that adds a cheery finish. The wonderful thing about pine is that while it looks great with plenty of natural light, it can also be used strategically to brighten up darker rooms.

As well as a traditional 6-panel pine door which features a blond pine with warm undertones, we have a knotty pine finish. Knotty pine doors are great to add a rustic element to your home and make an interesting focal point.

6 Panel Traditional Internal Doors

While 6-panel doors look perfectly at home in modern homes, because of their clean detailing and timeless style, they’re most popular in traditionally styled homes. Designs like the Regency 6 Panel Hardwood Door make use of traditional designs and the rich colour of hardwood to create a real statement.

Our traditional 6-Panel evoke the feeling of period townhouses and whimsical country cottages, wherever you are.

The advantages of Engineered Wood

While we offer a variety of wooden finishes, we use engineered cores for all of our 6-panel doors. Engineered oak offers you more flexibility, especially in the price tag, with all the aesthetic appeal of solid wooden doors.

One major benefit to engineered oak doors is that they require much less maintenance than a solid oak door. Engineered oak doors are made by creating a solid core of bonded wooden strips which are then coated in a finishing veneer of solid wood. Because of the bonded core, they’re not prone to warping and splitting like solid doors are without regular maintenance.


Solid oak doors are also able to be built with a much smaller price tag than a solid oak door so you can enjoy the look of a solid wooden door at a more accessible price. Because our engineered doors have a coating of real wood, they’re practically indistinguishable from a solid wooden door.

Prefinished, Primed and Unfinished 6 Panel Doors

Our 6-Panel door range offers both finished and unfinished door options so you can control how much of a finishing touch you add to your door.

What is a pre-finished door?

A pre-finished door means it has been finished during the manufacturing process, whether this is with varnish, wax or paint. It is ready to hang as soon as it’s delivered, such as the Oxford 6-Panel Oak Door.

What is an unfinished door?

Unfinished doors, like the Regency Oak 6 Panel Door, offer the most flexibility but will require some additional work before they’re ready to hang. Unfinished doors don’t have any type of finish so they can be painted or varnished by you. This is a great choice if you have a very particular colour you want to match your doors to.

What is a primed door?

If you plan to paint your door, primed doors will save you a lot of work. We will prime the doors for you, as is offered with the DX 60s Style White Door, and they’re ready for the finishing coat on arrival.

Standard Sized Doors With Customisation Options

At Vivid Doors, we offer a range of standard sizing that will fit most homes. If your doorframe is a slightly awkward size though, there’s no need to worry. All of our doors have lipping that allows them to be slightly trimmed to fit the majority of door frames.


Safety is always a consideration when choosing an internal door so you’ll be glad to know, many of our 6-panel internal doors are also available as FD30 rated fire doors. An FD30 rating means your door is guaranteed to stop the passage of smoke and fire for a minimum of 30 minutes.

They’re recommended when choosing a door for high-risk areas, such as kitchens or internal doors that connect to the garage.

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