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Creating a look of a bygone era? Or replacing those old tired looking internal doors, with doors that are manufactured to lastest manufacturing standards, but still giving you the look of a period door? Well here at Vivid Doors we carry a range of period style, pitch pine doors with glazed and panel options, and traditional style beading to achieve the look of a bygone era. Manufactured using traditional mortice and tenon joints, these solid pitch pine doors give stunning good looks, and a heavyweight feel, and can be trimmed substantially to meet your specific requirements. These doors are supplied unfinished only for decoration on site.

Vintage Style for a Timeless Look

Do you want to recreate the style of a bygone era, or perhaps renovate a period property while still remaining faithful to that classic look? At Vivid Doors, we have the perfect products for you. Our pitch pine doors feature glazed and panel options, and are made to last, but have that lovely traditional style.

You don’t have to live in a period property to take advantage of these classically styled doors. Why not add a touch of character to a more modern looking home? The glazed pitch pine doors are elegant and appealing, and they’ll let light flow into the room, making it bright and welcoming.

Our pitch pine doors are made using traditional mortice and tenon joints to ensure that they are as hardwearing as possible. They have a heavyweight feel, and they will last for many years. They also feature substantial lippings, so that you can trim them to fit unusually sized door openings.

Design Your Doors to Your Taste

All of our pitch pine doors are supplied unfinished, ready for you to paint or stain so you can design them exactly how you want them. The glazed doors are supplied with the glazing pre-installed, and the doors are supplied without hardware so that you can install a style of your choosing.

We have a selection of screenprint, smoked leaded and plain glazed doors. These 35mm thick, solid glazed doors are made to last, and will look stunning in any home. These classic looks will fit in well in a rustic kitchen, a formal dining area, or an understated, homely living room. Because these doors are solid core models, they have a satisfying weight to them, offer good sound insulation, and will make your rooms feel warm and cosy.

The Right Size for You

We have doors in a range of different sizes. These 35mm thick, 30s style doors will fit most standard openings. If you need something more unusually sized, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We may be able to supply some machined doors in different sizes, or offer something with sidelights to fit a larger opening.

Our prices are inclusive of VAT, and we offer free delivery on all doors. Delivery times vary depending on stock. With our pitch pine range, we are pleased to offer doors at several price points, starting at £179.79 for our classic 30s style panelled door.

If you are not sure what size of door you will need, whether your existing frames can accept these 35mm doors, or whether you may need fire doors instead, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our sales team is always happy to discuss you needs and help you to find the perfect door from our product range.

We choose doors from a number of different manufacturers, all carefully selected for their reputation for quality. We offer a robust guarantee, and many of the doors that we sell come with an additional 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. See the individual product pages for information about this.