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Panelled Doors

When you’re looking to buy a new door, it’s likely a panel door will always hold some appeal. Available in a range of different styles and designs, it’s always easy to find a panel door that will meet all your needs and look fantastic in your home.

Your Choice of Cores

To help you meet your practical needs within your budget, we offer internal panel doors with a range of cores, from solid core to hollowcore.

Heavyweight (engineered solid core) Doors

Our solid core/heavyweight doors feature a dense core of engineered timber, with sleek solid wood veneers lain across the top. These doors are excellent insulators against sound and heat, and their weight lends a high quality feel to them. They are the most expensive option, and won’t align with every budget.

Middleweight (engineered semi-solid core) doors

Picking a semi-solid core internal panel door is a great compromise. Decent at keeping heat in and noise out, these doors don’t quite cost as much as an engineered solid core and still have a sense of quality.

Lightweight (hollowcore doors)

Hollowcore doors are an excellent option when you’re on a tight budget. They won’t feel as heavy and obviously don’t bring the same insulating qualities that a solid core door will. However, a fully finished hollow-core internal panel door will look just as great as a heavier weight version and should last just as long.

Your Choice of Finishes

Some people want their doors to arrive ready to hang, which is why we stock a number of fully finished panel internal doors. These doors are pre-finished before we ship them, with a robust finish that will stop the doors from being damaged by absorbing moisture.

Pre-finished doors are a convenient option for people who aren’t confident with DIY. If you are a bit more confident with your skills, you could consider a primed door.

Their smooth primed surface is fully prepared to take a couple of coats of paint without absorbing a whole tin to beat a streaky finish.

Or, if you really want to control the finish of your panelled interio doors, our unfinished panel doors will suit you. These doors are completely raw, so you can add a stain or varnish to bring out the beautiful wood grain. And if you prefer painted doors, you can add your own primer and build a block of colour with the paint of your choice.

Finish either our unfinished or primed doors properly and they will still last years just like our pre-finished doors.

Furniture and Accessories To Match

As well as our great range of internal panel doors, we also offer a range of door furniture for you to choose from. Carefully chosen lock or door handles can be the perfect finishing touch to your door, and even your room, so we leave this decision up to you.

Take a look at our selection of door accessories to seek out the finishing touches that speak to you. As well as door handles, locks and other door furniture, we also stock door frames and architraves to suit standard sized doors.

We even stock standard skirting packs.

Internal Panel Doors In A Range Of Door Sizes

Our internal panel doors come in a range of standard door sizes, including all of the most popular metric and imperial sizes. As well as this, many of our doors come with substantial timber lippings, which means that you can trim the door down to fit a non-standard opening.

FD30 Rated Panel Internal Doors

We also stock a range of fire doors in panel designs, to suit people who want that extra level of safety around their home without having to sacrifice the style.

These wooden doors have a solid core which helps them withstand fire for up to 30mins.

Interior Panel Doors In A Style To Suit Your Home

Whether you’re looking to create a thoroughly modern, minimalist design for your living space, or a classic country style room we’re confident we’ll stock a door that will fit perfectly into the interior design of your house.


We stock panel internal doors in a wide variety of materials, including high-quality hardwood internal doors such as rich, dark walnut and traditional rustic oak.

If you’re looking for exceptional value internal panel doors that still look incredible, we’re got softwood options including the intense woodgrain of knotty pine and the slightly sleeker clear pine, so that you can still have the traditional appeal of solid wood doors without bursting your budget

Period Authentic Designs

If you’re looking to keep your period property authentic to its age, chances are panel doors will be the right choice for you.

From the traditional four-panel design that dominated Victorian interiors to the stacked six-panels favoured by the Edwardians, finding the correct construction of a period door will help keep the feel of your home authentic.

We also offer DX30 and DX60 style doors, for homes that are a little more modern but still have a retro vibe you want to maintain.

Cottage and Shaker Style Doors

If the interior design of your home is driven by something other than age, we also have a complete range of internal panel doors in Cottage and Shaker styles.

If you’re looking to establish a rustic, traditional feel in your home then one of our solid core engineered oak veneered door is the perfect finishing touch.

Glazed Doors

A room full of natural light will feel cleaner, fresher and even larger than a dark one. An easy way to increase the flow of natural light into a room that struggles with windows is by installing an internal glazed door.

It’s also a great way to help your home feel like it flows, without sacrificing privacy when you need it. Our glazed panel doors are available with both frosted and clear glass, to allow you to control the visibility between your rooms as well as the flow of light.

We offer internal doors with various options of glazing. From small decorative panels, to frosted glazing and doors featuring large glass panels, we have plenty of glazing options to help you find the perfect match for your home.

Helping You Find The Perfect Door

There are so many options to consider when you’re purchasing an internal panel door, it can be hard to know where to start. So if you’re struggling to find a door that works for you, or you have any question, please get in touch with our customer support team.