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Adding to our range of internal doors we also offer a wide range of door kit and doorset options which come complete with door, lining, and architrave sets and hinges. Our Door kits come prefinished, in a flat pack form, with all hinges, latches and handles premachined giving you a speedy installation method with no machining to do on the door. These door kits are available in a one stop, click to buy process, with the hanging side decided on site, as these kits are fully reversible. Please note these kits are on a 4 week lead time. Our doorset options are available as full internal doorsets, so the delivery comes to you with the door already prehung in the lining - and giving you an even speedier solution. Doorsets are only available on limited door styles.

The right internal doors have the potential to beautifully finish your interior décor, and round out the look of the property. They set the tone of the room with their hardware, architraving, and panels. Solid hardwood doors with ornate panels give a lovely classical touch, while internal doors with frosted or glazed windows let light in to the room and make your living space feel larger and more welcoming.

The Right Doorset for You

At Vivid Doors, in addition to single internal doors, we also stock a selection of door kits and doorset options. These sets include everything that you need for your interior doors, including lining, architrave sets and hinges. The door kits are pre-finished and come in a flat pack with all of the hinges, latches and handles pre-machined. This means that the doors are ready to hang on site, for easy installation.

The door kits are offered in a range of standard sizes and styles, and can be ordered in just a few mouse clicks. The doors are fully reversible, so you can decide the hanging side on site, and change it as you wish.

You can also choose between doors as a kit, or a full set where the door is pre-hung in the lining for the ultimate in convenience. Not all sets are available in this pre-hung form, so be sure to check the door description before you buy.

Free Delivery in the UK

We offer free delivery, with a 4 week lead time, on all of our door sets, and the prices we state are inclusive of VAT. The sets come with architrave for both sides, and you have the choice of a range of different styles and finishes.  If you are not happy with the selection that we have available, then please do get in touch with us. We have a selection of custom products available, and may be able to make a kit for you based on some of the other doors in our catalogue. We are always eager to help and will work with homeowners even if they have unusual requirements in terms of size, style or design.

If you are not sure what size or style of door you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team on 01246 380283. Our team will be happy to discuss your options with you, and help you to find the right size and the right design.