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Oak Half Glazed Doors

Oak remains a popular choice for doors because of its warm undertones. Oak is a very traditional choice for wood, and you’ll find it used in many period homes so it always creates a sense of elegance. The warmth of oak is bought out perfectly by the natural light a half-glazed door offers.

That’s not to say we only offer traditional designs in our oak half-glazed door range. The Ely Glazed Oak door offers a clean, contemporary design that looks perfect in any style of home.

Walnut Half Glazed Doors

If you’re looking for a richer look, then a walnut half-glazed door makes a dramatic style statement. When paired with deep colour choices, like racing greens and crimson reds, it creates a regal look. Alongside more pastel colour palettes, such as soft yellows and robin egg blue, it lends a dramatic edge.

Walnut half-glazed doors help to balance each other, as the glazing will let natural light in to stop the walnut feeling too heavy. The Kensington Walnut Glazed Door is a perfect example of how the natural richness of walnut alongside bright glazing can create a real style statement.

White Half Glazed Doors

Whether you’re looking for a primed white door or a finished white door, we have plenty to chose from. White is a great addition to glazing as white creates a sense of light which is amplified by the natural light glazing can let in.

Our white half-glazed doors offer a contemporary look with traditional inspiration, such as our Victorian Shaker 4 Panel, so they look just as good in a country home as they did a modern townhouse.

If you are looking to paint your door, check out our helpful guide to painting glass panel doors.

Choosing between frosted and clear glazing

We use ultra-tough durable safety glass for both our frosted and clear glazing options so it is purely an aesthetic choice.

If your main focus when choosing glass is letting in as much natural light as possible, then clear glazing will be a better fit. While frosted glass does still let in a lot of light, the pattern and texture will reduce light somewhat.

For those who still want some separation, frosted glass will be a better fit. The texture of frosted glass distorts images so that you can still have privacy whilst maximising the natural light available. Some people also prefer frosted glass for kitchens or rooms children use a lot as smudges and fingerprints are less obvious than on clear glass.

The advantages of Engineered Wood

We used engineered wood across our half-glazed range, whether you chose a pine, walnut or oak finish. Engineered wood looks exactly the same as a solid wood door but with many benefits.

Engineered wooden doors create a solid oak core with bonded wooden strips. This core is then covered in a solid layer of wood to create the look of a solid wood door. Because of their engineered core, engineered wooden doors are much lighter than solid wooden doors. This makes them much easier to hang and once they are up, they require far less maintenance.

Solid wood is prone to splitting and warping with humidity or temperature shifts so it can be a nuisance in kitchens and bathrooms. Engineered wood doesn’t have these drawbacks so will require far less maintenance.

One of the biggest upsides to engineered wood is the price tag; enjoy the look of a solid wooden door without the hefty cost.

Standard Sized Doors With Customisation Options

We offer many standard sizes across our half-glazed door range that fits the majority of standard doorways. Of course, some properties, especially older ones, don’t have standard sizing! There’s no need to be concerned though as all of our doors are provided with lipping which means they can be trimmed to fit your doorway perfectly.

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