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DX 30s Solid Internal Doors

Our solid Oak DX 30s style door gives an authentic period aesthetic to any home. While they use authentically traditional designs, the clean lines are a timeless look that fits modern homes as well as they fit traditional ones.

As well as a range of standard sizes, our DX 30s internal doors offer 20mm solid oak lipping. This allows you to trim the door by up to 32mm, perfect for homes that don’t have standard door frames and need a little adjusting.

Glazed DX 30s Style Internal Doors

The DX 30s glazed internal doors offer a single glazed panel in the top third of the door. This is perfect for letting in some additional light whilst still offering privacy between rooms. Alongside the horizontal panels on the bottom of the door, this creates a perfect country cottage feel.

As well as clear glass, you can also enjoy the DX 30s design with a frosted glass finish. Frosted glass is especially popular for those who still like to maintain privacy between spaces as the frosting will obscure details.

All of our glazing options use toughened glass for extra durability.

DX 30s Unfinished Doors

All of the doors in our DX 30s range come unfinished. Unfinished doors haven’t had any treatment such as painting, waxing or staining so they’re fully customisable. This is perfect if you know you want your door in a very specific colour or want to stain it to match existing woodwork.

You can finish your door by painting it, waxing it or staining it. The beauty of an unfinished door is the final decisions are completely up to you. This ensures your door will be the perfect match for your home.

Like the idea of finishing your own internal door but not sure where to start? We have a helpful guide on how to paint doors with glass panelling to help.

The advantages of engineered oak

All of our DX 30s doors are made using engineered oak. Engineered oak has grown in popularity because it offers all the benefits of a solid hardwood door, without the hefty price tag and upkeep.

They’re designed to perfectly mimic the look of a solid wood door. That means the only way people will know your door isn’t solid oak, is if you tell them. Engineered oak doors have a reinforced core which is made by bonding together smaller strips of wood. This is then topped with a layer of solid oak to replicate the look of a solid oak door.

As well as the price tag benefits, many people prefer engineered oak doors as they require much less upkeep than a solid wood door. This is because they aren’t prone to warping or splitting when exposed to heat or moisture, which is especially important if you’re fitting a new kitchen door.

Like an oak door, you can also trim your engineered oak doors down to size because of the outer oak veneer. Our DX 30s range can be trimmed up to 32mm which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Fire Doors for Kitchens and Garages

While your internal doors are an important aesthetic feature, they’re also important safety features. Safety is of utmost importance when choosing a door for your home so it’s important to consider what features you need.

Our DX 30s range is also available as an FD30 rated fire door. An FD30 fire certification ensures that your fire door will be able to contain fire and smoke for a minimum of thirty minutes. This gives you and your loved ones time to safely exit the building and call for help.

Fire doors are highly recommended when choosing a new kitchen door or internal door that leads out to your garage as these are the greatest fire risks in your home.

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